Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Ready

What I'm Loving Wednesday and Oh How Pinteresting

I dont know about yall, but by the time Valentine's Day rolls around our house, we're all candy-ed out from Halloween and Christmas! So this year I wanted to do cute Valentine's for Rylie's school classmates that didnt include a ton of sugar.......enter Pinterest! And these cute Valentines!

But I also have a 5 month old baby so not a lot of time to make very crafty Valentine's above. So last night I went a simpler route and got them ready for her party next week!

Simple. Cute.

And she's going to sign her Princess cards and we'll put both cards and goldfish in cute V-Day goody bags!

So today I'm loving these cute Valentine's I made last night and the fact that they're done ahead of time! Woohoo! And of course I'm loving my 3 Valentines. =)


Ashley said...

I ADORE the goldfish Valentine - TOO CUTE! I may have to do that for the ladies I work with =)
Stopping by from WILW with Jamie =)

Alyssa said...

Those are so cute!! Love them! What a great idea!

~Shelly~ said...

Great ideas :) I found a CUTE ladybug box of animal crackers for kinley instead of chocolates or candy. Im so glad they are making things like that now. Hope yall enjoy Valentines Day!!