Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweet Valentines

We had a good Valentine's Day on Tuesday!

Cuties in their V-day attire before school.

Cute sweeties!

Rylie had a party at her school Remy and I attended with her.

She had a blast!

Making her craft.

Another cute Vday craft!

I let Rylie play at school another hour while I got groceries with Remy then picked Rylie up.

It was a fight with both of them to nap! Rylie was too wound up! I got the girls' Vday goodies out and David came home early with roses! I kinda over-compensated from last year since I was so sick and didnt do a thing for Valentine's last year. Pretty sure Hallmark made a ton from us this year! lol

Remy loved 'reading' her cards! We just ordered pizza and had a good night as a family!

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