Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Remy-5 months old!

This was a big month for Remy!

*Forgot to include I did a weight check at the Dr last week and she's 13 lb 15.6 oz. Almost 14 lbs! Currently 33.81% so they're happy with her growth after starting solids. She's also ticklish on her tummy and laughs everytime we change her diaper. Also started playing with her feet this month. Not quite pulling them to her mouth, but when she's practicing sitting she leans over and chews on them.

-Nicknames are Remster, Remyroo, Sugar Bear, and Little Tot
-Started staying in church nursery on Sunday mornings and has fun in there.
-She started rice cereal and veggies baby food and LOVES it! Never had problem with her wanting bottle. She took right to the spoon and has eaten sweet potatoes and peas so far.
-Still has 7oz formula every 3 hours (only 4 oz after solids feeding at bedtime).
-Started rolling over both ways the day after turning 4 mos old.
-Started playing in exersaucer.
-Wearing 3-6 mo and 6 mo clothes but I'm thinking not for too long. You've just gotten so tall!
-Size 2 diapers.
-Doing great on Similac Sensitive formula (thank heavens! what a pay raise!) I honestly wasnt a fan of the Dr Browns pitcher to relieve the foam from this stuff for several reasons. So we just bought the ready to feed liquid kind and like it.
-Likes something to snuggle on her face going to sleep.
-Hasnt spit up near as much as Rylie did ever. We got lucky on that note with this one.
-Found her voice! She just "sings" away every once in awhile. I still dont think she's babbling as much as Rylie did at this point.
-She thinks she's a big kid lol She loves to be held up to "stand."
-Gets an excited look when she sees her favorite toys (Sophie Giraffe, car driving tummy toy, texture/noise dolly, play phone, and rattles)
-Reaches out and grabs things in front of her and can bring them to her mouth-clothes, toys, blankets, Mommy's hair lol
-We do the hip carry with her now and she holds herself up great! I dont know how much longer we'll tote her around in the carseat. She's getting heavy hehe
-Still on morning short nap, long afternoon nap when Rylie does, and sometimes 30 min evening catnap before dinner.
-She's been waking up about 7am lately and goes to bed about 7pm. Still a great sleeper thankfully!
-We think a tooth is about to pop through and she's so close to sitting on her own. She just doesnt do it for too long so I wont count that this month.

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