Monday, February 6, 2012

Playdough and Sweet Potatoes

This was Monday night (Jan 30). I was making dinner and Rylie wanted her playdough she got from treasure box at school. So I then got out her other playdough things to keep her occupied while I cooked!

"Oh my gosh it's playdough!" lol She hasnt played with this stuff in like 2 years. So she was excited and it definitely kept her busy and right by me while I actually cooked dinner (which I hadnt done in so long!) hehe

That night at dinner Remy also tried her first veggie-sweet potatoes! Rylie picked it out. As per the advice of another blogger, I bought 1 small jar of each organic veggie for her to try first before I make a huge batch of homemade.

Well, she LOVED sweet potatoes, so I'll definitely be making that first! And she passed out right away after her dinner! hehe

After bath though she wanted to join Rylie in more playdough fun! haha Just kidding! We dont let our 4 1/2 month old play with playdough. David just sat her here for a cute picture =)

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