Monday, February 27, 2012

First School Field Trip

Rylie had her 1st off-campus field trip in school last Tuesday! They've had several on-campus field trips with special speakers who brought in items like science experiments and dinosaur fossils, but she was excited to be going somewhere last week!

Remy and I tagged along too (well, and I had to drive Rylie anyway lol)

 The class went to a local gymnastics place and did a class together.

  I sat in the viewing room with the other moms and took a few pictures as Rylie did her turn here and there. She did a log roll instead of a flip lol She hates doing flips!

 Walking the beam..

 Jumping on trampoline-of course her favorite!
  She had fun even though she's not into gymnastics right now. It was a cute little school outting that tied into their lesson on the human body and bones inside their bodies.

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