Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Day in our Life

I wish I had documented our days more when Rylie was a baby to see how much our schedules have changed. I'd always meant to and never did. So this past Friday I finally did. This will be boring to yall I'm sure, but I hope to do this once a month to see how our days change as the girls grow up.

This particular Friday I had MOPS. Alarms went off at 730am. I quickly took a shower since I was too tired to the night before. Then Remy had her usual dirty diaper. Rylie and I had to rush to get ready. I usually dress up nice for MOPS since it's my only day to but it was going to rain today so I wanted comfort in old red cotton shirt over black tank, rockstar jeggings from old navy, and simple black ballet flats.

We were running a little late, Rylie ate her breakfast on the way-banana and organic whole grain blueberry waffle with milk. I took Rylie to her MOPPETS class and Remy came to my meeting with me. We ate a yummy breakfast and then had a great speaker and being a WIFE and mother (putting more priority on the wife part) in leiu of Valentine's Day approaching. Remy of course wanted to sing and talk the entire time so I didnt get to hear it 100%. She might have to start going to the nursery  next month ;-)

My meeting ended and I picked up Rylie. She loves being in Raegan's class and playing, making crafts, and coloring!

After MOPS we always come home for lunch. Rylie wasnt hungry yet so I tried picking up the house, but this little tot was being CRANKY! She started making this "mean" face today! She scrunches up her nose and makes a huffy breathing noise with her nose lol

Rylie ate a good lunch-turkey and cheese sandwich on whole grain bread, organic apple slices, and organic yogurt, and 3 chocolate Annie's bunny crackers leftover from yesterday.

Remy finally seemed happy in her bouncer toy while Rylie ate. I tried to answer a few emails but the laptop acted up so I restarted it 3 times and gave up. Then I continued to fight with Rylie to finish her lunch-it took her an hour as usual. Ugh...

We put Remy in her swing for nap then I got Rylie tucked in her bed for nap too.

Rylie's 2 dollhouse sets arrived in the mail!

Remy asleep for nap-check!

Rylie in her bed with barbie relaxing-check! (Picture taken from video monitor-LOVE! If she gets out of bed, I can push a button on my part and talk to her in her room to get back in. No more assuming she's napping when she's really not! No more running up and down the stairs telling her to get back in bed! Yes!

So by now I was pretty tired from fighting with Rylie to listen and Remy to finish her bottle and not play with it and with her being cranky, so I got on Pinterest for a moment and answered emails. These were a great laugh and helped recharge me.....

Then I folded Rylie's laundry and she put them away when she woke up. She's been doing 1 chore a day for 2 weeks so far and it's going great!

David came home about 6pm and we headed to dinner! We love this local mexican restaurant Rylie's been requesting!

Remy's first time to eat rice cereal outside of home and she was too distracted to eat!

Came home at bedtime and the girls played before baths.

David bathed Remy and she was ready for bed! She's starting to suck her thumb-yikes! Got her all tucked in.

Rylie finished her shower (that I supervised) and brushed her teeth. She's been doing this "toothpaste commercials" lately that she's created. Actress in the making!

I dried her hair and we opened her new dollhouse sets and played awhile.

She sometimes stays up late on Fridays if she napped good so we had fun!

Then it was bedtime! I've been putting tape on her thumbs at naps and bedtime to keep her from sucking her thumbs (which she only does at naps and bedtime). I really want her off that!

Then it was time for me and David to hit the sack and watch whatever's on the DVR (the ONLY way we can watch anything on tv lately) and that was our Friday!


The Stairs Family said...

that wasnt boring at all :) its fun to see a "day in the life" of someone else! i just might have to do this too!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Agreed, not boring at all. Looks like a busy loving filled day:) Love the iphone pic. To funny!