Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby Food-1st Attempt

There is a reason I'm not a gourmet cook (or really a great cook at all for that matter). I honestly dont enjoy cooking. I dont know that much about it and probably annoy my mother-in-law and friends more than I should asking questions on cooking certain things.

But yet I'm dead set on making my own baby food this time. It just seems so easy compared to 4 years ago when I couldn't even make mashed potatoes from scratch (no lie).

And I just knew I couldn't screw it up with my wonderful Beaba cooker I got for Christmas! I mean, how hard could it be? Just steam the food, then puree it all in one appliance!

So.....Monday I tried it out for the first time. I bought a butternut squash this weekend (Remy's 1st baby food to try store-bought and she loved it).

I put half of it in the steamer first....
(if you see something wrong in this picture.....just're correct)

....then pureed it beautifully. Then I steamed the other half, pureed it too......

.....and filled ice cube trays with all of it to freeze. One butternut squash made 2 1/2 trays! Nice, right? One $2.30 butternut squash made enough food for approximately 20 dinners vs. approximately $15 for organic baby good jars. So excited! Made my first batch, getting the hang of my machine, went online to get more recipes for baby food and came across butternut squash combinations with other foods. Read across the recipes there and then it hit me........crap! I didnt peel the butternut squash before I cooked it earlier! UGGHHH!! I seriously had no idea I needed to. I figured it was like yellow summer squash, I'd never bought this butternut thing before. So, yep all those trays of beautifully steamed and pureed to perfection baby food had to go straight to the trash =(
Bright side? I got the hang of my new babyfood maker. First pancake right? hehe


EMonaghan said...

Aww ash! I'm so sorry you had to throw it away! It looked wonderful! But I'm so proud of you, just think of it as your practice round. And remember, that only $2 down the drain instead of $15! Keep it up!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Good for you for doing this! So can I ask the stupid questions...if it pureed beautifully, why do you have to peel it?