Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby Food-1st Attempt

There is a reason I'm not a gourmet cook (or really a great cook at all for that matter). I honestly dont enjoy cooking. I dont know that much about it and probably annoy my mother-in-law and friends more than I should asking questions on cooking certain things.

But yet I'm dead set on making my own baby food this time. It just seems so easy compared to 4 years ago when I couldn't even make mashed potatoes from scratch (no lie).

And I just knew I couldn't screw it up with my wonderful Beaba cooker I got for Christmas! I mean, how hard could it be? Just steam the food, then puree it all in one appliance!

So.....Monday I tried it out for the first time. I bought a butternut squash this weekend (Remy's 1st baby food to try store-bought and she loved it).

I put half of it in the steamer first....
(if you see something wrong in this picture.....just're correct)

....then pureed it beautifully. Then I steamed the other half, pureed it too......

.....and filled ice cube trays with all of it to freeze. One butternut squash made 2 1/2 trays! Nice, right? One $2.30 butternut squash made enough food for approximately 20 dinners vs. approximately $15 for organic baby good jars. So excited! Made my first batch, getting the hang of my machine, went online to get more recipes for baby food and came across butternut squash combinations with other foods. Read across the recipes there and then it hit me........crap! I didnt peel the butternut squash before I cooked it earlier! UGGHHH!! I seriously had no idea I needed to. I figured it was like yellow summer squash, I'd never bought this butternut thing before. So, yep all those trays of beautifully steamed and pureed to perfection baby food had to go straight to the trash =(
Bright side? I got the hang of my new babyfood maker. First pancake right? hehe

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Clean Garage!

Yes, I'm blogging this because it's a big moment in my life. For years I've wanted to empty our 2-car garage and completely organize it. I seriously dreamed of this happening eventually. Finally, Saturday, after 8 hours of work David and I did it!

And I just had to document it =)
(We still need to powerwash the floor)

Monday, February 27, 2012

First School Field Trip

Rylie had her 1st off-campus field trip in school last Tuesday! They've had several on-campus field trips with special speakers who brought in items like science experiments and dinosaur fossils, but she was excited to be going somewhere last week!

Remy and I tagged along too (well, and I had to drive Rylie anyway lol)

 The class went to a local gymnastics place and did a class together.

  I sat in the viewing room with the other moms and took a few pictures as Rylie did her turn here and there. She did a log roll instead of a flip lol She hates doing flips!

 Walking the beam..

 Jumping on trampoline-of course her favorite!
  She had fun even though she's not into gymnastics right now. It was a cute little school outting that tied into their lesson on the human body and bones inside their bodies.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Sunday evening I was getting ready to head to the grocery store with Rylie. I'd just fed Remy some mangos for the first time and after a few bites she just fussed. So I was scrambling to get coupons and list ready and David was finishing loading the dishwasher and making her bottle. Remy was fussing for the bottle and Rylie decided to help, sat in my chair, and started feeding the mangos that were still on the table. Remy loved Rylie feeding her and actually finished them! Here's the cute video....

PS You might notice a few new names on my blogs I follow list. I finally cleaned it out and removed blogs that havent been updated in 6+mos. Hope nobody's offended! I also finally added names of other blogs I've been reading who are friends of friends or just never put on this list. Hope yall dont mind if I add yall!

Remy's Baptism

We're so excited Remy was baptized Sunday morning!

Can you seriously not resist this precious baby?!!

Pre-baptism bottle! Love how Rylie's crossing her legs like mine. Such a big girl.

Beautiful baby all ready! This was Rylie's gown too.

And precious cross socks! Also Rylie's.

Our family after baptism. We dont have photos of the actual baptism as no flash photography was allowed, but David got video. Click here to view.

Our whole family who came! David's brother Daniel, Donna, David's dad Dan, us, his mom Vicki and Craig!

We all went to lunch at Olive Garden after and Remy got a few sweet gifts. See her new James Avery cross necklace she's wearing?

And sweet cuddle blankets!

Sugar bear sleeping that night. This is her new favorite position-on tummy, booty in the air, feet crossed. So precious. Dont worry, we have the Angelcare monitor that goes off if she stops breathing!

Thank you everyone for coming to the baptism and since this was planned pretty last-minute (as in a few weeks ago) I didnt do invites for the family but instead made little baptism announcements to mail to family this week just for a keepsake. I needed something for her baby book.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Grandma.....and Waco Visit

Saturday morning we headed to Valley Mills (20 min outside Waco) to see my Grandma. I havent mentioned on the blog yet but she's really not doing well. While I was in Ft Worth my dad called and said she'd had a heart attack and was rushed to the ER. After lots of tests they concluded she's only working on 10% of her heart and would not survive a surgery on it. There is nothing they can do now but make her comfortable. I almost got a rental car and drove down from Ft Worth last weekend but I really wanted to see her with my whole family and let her meet Remy. So I just hoped and prayed she'd hang in there until Saturday.

They've moved her back to the nursing home and she's on hospice now. They're just making her comfortable until she's ready to go. We have no idea when that could be....6 days or 6 months. But we knew we needed to go see her now and not take any chances. She seemed happy to see us and talked for a little bit but mostly she just wanted to sleep. We knew this day would come sometime but it's still hard now that it's here. Please keep her in your prayers.

While we were in the area we stopped by my friend Shelly's new house to meet baby Presley who was born last Sunday.

Rylie and Kinley were excited to see each other and immediately played dressup! Our big first borns!

And now our 2nd little princesses! I cannot even believe Remy was tinier than Presley just 5 months ago! Doesnt seem real.

Me and Shelly with our babies. Can you believe she had Presley less than a week ago? I look more like I just had a baby than she does lol So nice to meet you sweet Presley Kate!

After visiting with them we headed to my dad's house (it's his mom who's sick above) and had dinner and visited awhile. We dont get to see them much so it was nice to get together. Then we had a long drive back home Saturday night including stuck in traffic from a horrible accident 45 min from home! So glad we made the trip though. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Slumber Party

Rylie and I had a special slumber party in the media room Friday night! She'd been wanting to do this for so long. We made homemade popcorn.....

Ordered pizza and got "Dolphin Tale" on Redbox.

And had some Mommy-Rylie time!

I also did her nails. I feel bad I dont get as much one-on-one time with her anymore to do her nails and such like we used to. I try to find moments like this where we can just treasure this bonding time. I love her so much and she's growing so fast!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Morning Mickey Mouse

Both girls LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! They were so cute watching in their jammies Friday morning!

(Remy ALSO has her FIRST TOOTH in! I felt it yesterday Fri, 2.17. It's bottom left center)

LOVE these girls!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

"R" Sisters

I had these shirts made when I was pregnant. I already had purple tutus for both girls so I couldnt wait to do a little photoshoot of them!

I finally did last week and forgot to upload these!

Doesnt get much cuter than this!

Sweet sugar girls!

Sweet Valentines

We had a good Valentine's Day on Tuesday!

Cuties in their V-day attire before school.

Cute sweeties!

Rylie had a party at her school Remy and I attended with her.

She had a blast!

Making her craft.

Another cute Vday craft!

I let Rylie play at school another hour while I got groceries with Remy then picked Rylie up.

It was a fight with both of them to nap! Rylie was too wound up! I got the girls' Vday goodies out and David came home early with roses! I kinda over-compensated from last year since I was so sick and didnt do a thing for Valentine's last year. Pretty sure Hallmark made a ton from us this year! lol

Remy loved 'reading' her cards! We just ordered pizza and had a good night as a family!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ft Worth Weekend Break

I spent 5 days in Ft Worth this past weekend visiting friends! I flew out Thursday morning by myself and Susan picked me up. A huge thanks to David and his mom for swapping out watching the girls so I could have a much-needed break! I've never been away alone more than a few hours so this felt great!

Friday night Susan and I saw "The Vow" in downtown Ft Worth and then got dessert at Uno Chicago Grill! It was so good-the movie, popcorn dinner, and dessert!

Saturday I grabbed my FAV (aside from Bush's in Waco) chicken tenders and corn nuggets! MMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!! Then we met up with my friend Erin at downtown PF Chang's, where I forgot to get a photo of the 3 of us. But I was excited to introduce them to each other now that they're living close by and have boys the same age and a lot of other things in common!

Sunday I helped Erin make Valentine treats for Caiden's friends. Then we did some shopping in downtown Grapevine!

We had dinner out Saturday and it started snowing little flurries. Monday morning there was some snow on Erin's roof! This was taken about 10am. LOVED the cold weather FT Worth had. Ya know, just for my visit. hehe!

Then we headed to little man's swim class. He carried that camera around saying "cheese" so I had to take his photo! I hopped a plane back home Monday afternoon! It was a nice much-needed break to visit friends. Definitely different with all the sweet boys! I'm just used to girls and hairbows lol Hope they can make it down to visit us for their own break soon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Remy-5 months old!

This was a big month for Remy!

*Forgot to include I did a weight check at the Dr last week and she's 13 lb 15.6 oz. Almost 14 lbs! Currently 33.81% so they're happy with her growth after starting solids. She's also ticklish on her tummy and laughs everytime we change her diaper. Also started playing with her feet this month. Not quite pulling them to her mouth, but when she's practicing sitting she leans over and chews on them.

-Nicknames are Remster, Remyroo, Sugar Bear, and Little Tot
-Started staying in church nursery on Sunday mornings and has fun in there.
-She started rice cereal and veggies baby food and LOVES it! Never had problem with her wanting bottle. She took right to the spoon and has eaten sweet potatoes and peas so far.
-Still has 7oz formula every 3 hours (only 4 oz after solids feeding at bedtime).
-Started rolling over both ways the day after turning 4 mos old.
-Started playing in exersaucer.
-Wearing 3-6 mo and 6 mo clothes but I'm thinking not for too long. You've just gotten so tall!
-Size 2 diapers.
-Doing great on Similac Sensitive formula (thank heavens! what a pay raise!) I honestly wasnt a fan of the Dr Browns pitcher to relieve the foam from this stuff for several reasons. So we just bought the ready to feed liquid kind and like it.
-Likes something to snuggle on her face going to sleep.
-Hasnt spit up near as much as Rylie did ever. We got lucky on that note with this one.
-Found her voice! She just "sings" away every once in awhile. I still dont think she's babbling as much as Rylie did at this point.
-She thinks she's a big kid lol She loves to be held up to "stand."
-Gets an excited look when she sees her favorite toys (Sophie Giraffe, car driving tummy toy, texture/noise dolly, play phone, and rattles)
-Reaches out and grabs things in front of her and can bring them to her mouth-clothes, toys, blankets, Mommy's hair lol
-We do the hip carry with her now and she holds herself up great! I dont know how much longer we'll tote her around in the carseat. She's getting heavy hehe
-Still on morning short nap, long afternoon nap when Rylie does, and sometimes 30 min evening catnap before dinner.
-She's been waking up about 7am lately and goes to bed about 7pm. Still a great sleeper thankfully!
-We think a tooth is about to pop through and she's so close to sitting on her own. She just doesnt do it for too long so I wont count that this month.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Circle Hair

Saturday morning we headed to the Woodlands! Love my double stroller for the girls!

So Rylie had been talking for a few days about wanting to get her hair cut "short like Madeline and Mimi." She calls hairstyles names of shapes based on how long they are. Her above picture is "rectangle hair." Mimi has short hair so it's "circle hair." My new haircut is "square." I wasnt sure if she was 100% set on this choice to get "circle" hair since she's been obsessed with Rapunzel and having "lot of hairs" like her, but she insisted for days and told everybody we saw! She was set on this and was excited to do it. I, on the other hand, wasnt so into it. I know it's just hair but I've just had enough "changes" since September. And whether I like it or not Rylie changed when she became a big sister. Not in a horrible way. She's just different now and that's because she had a huge change in her life. But it's already been a hard thing for me to accept that Rylie isnt the same girl she was last Summer. Now with her wanting to cut her hair short, I just wanted to cry "dont change anymore than you already have, Rylie!" But she's 4 years old and way mature beyond that. It's her hair and she needed to have a say in this. So after one more reassuring "are you sure you want to do this?" from Mommy followed by an excited "Yes!" from Rylie, she went through with it....

About to make the first cut! Such beautiful long hair!!! =(

After first cut. Yes I'm a sap and teared up at this point. Yes I know, again, it's just hair.

Before and after photo. 
She LOVED it after the haircut, but did cry twice later wanting "to put her rectangle hair back on." I didnt tell her I wanted that too but just it'll grow back very quickly. After getting compliments at school she's pretty set on it now. And I still think she's the prettiest little girl in the world!