Friday, January 27, 2012

While Sister's Away....Library Play & Princess Dressup

Tuesday while Rylie was in school I took Remy to a local library infant playtime.

It's for age 0-18 mos and of course Remy was the youngest, but she had fun!

She loved watching the "big" kids and wanted to play.

It was something fun and different for us. She loved especially when I held her up to stand. She'd just laugh so much and thought she was one of the bigger kids lol

Later this week I also took a few pictures of Remy in 2 of Rylie's princess outfit hand-me-downs. I'd been meaning to take these for awhile and needed to quickly before she outgrew them. These arent the best because I didnt have the camera settings right but they'll do for now! 


Grandma said...

I still can't get over how much she looks just like Rylie! She has a different personality but looks just like big sister. She's so precious!

Jennifer said...

The one of her smiling so big is so cute!