Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sister Play Day

Remy was pretty cranky the rest of last week from her shots she got on Tues. Friday she was in a better mood and we played a lot in the morning!

Rylie's been all about her dollhouse since she got a lot of room sets for Christmas! I'll be honest, it is really fun to play with! Just to show what a photographic memory Rylie has, awhile back she was playing dollhouse and came running down with the baby highchair from the kitchen set and said it had the same cat as Remy's toy on it.

I didnt know what she was talking about until she showed me on Remy's bouncer.

And what do you know, they are the exact same image! Guess Fisher Price reuses the same pictures and these 2 items were bought 3 years apart! Rylie sure doesnt miss a thing.

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