Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rylie Updates

Rylie, here are some updates on things you've done since turning 4!

  • You've entered the "why" phase full-force! I answer you about 4 "why's" and then give up. Ha! Instead of saying "because I said so" I turn it around on you and ask "why do you think?" I love seeing what your imagination comes up with!
  • Your favorite things to do are coloring, playing with your little bitty barbies and little Rapunzel figures and tower, and dollhouse, and acting out scenes from movies, and singing!
  • Your favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Strawberry Shortcake, Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Your favorite princess is Rapunzel.
  • You still are a picky eater. I wonder if you'll ever outgrow this. I continue to give you new things to try so hopefully you'll branch out soon.
  • You are the best big sister to Remy. You constantly "mother" her and before I can even get up, you're quick to grab her paci and give it to her. You talk so sweet to her and say "oh it's ok sweetie." and you always give her hugs and kisses.
  • We've switched you to 2% milk since your birthday. You stayed on whole milk a long time to keep your weight good. You're just so active!
  • You finally had your 1st ear infection and it wasnt fun, but you did love the pain medicine I gave you and now we have to really be sure you're in pain and not just wanting the grape medicine!
  • You definitely have no trouble expressing your opinion on things. I love that you're so honest, but we're trying to teach you it's not always nice to tell someone you dont like something (mostly my cooking ha!)
  • You've suddenly become "afraid" of your room at night and beg constantly to sleep in mommy's bed. Hopefully the addition of another nightlight will help (and the video monitor I bought so I can see you and talk to you thru it) You never say what you're scared of.
  • You are such a sweet girl and tell everyone you love them. You constantly think of others and genuinely care about your friends.
  • I had my first parent-teacher conference recently and they had just wonderful things to say about you! I'm so glad you love your school and are doing so well there!
  • You start every sentence lately with "You knoowwwww......." or "Wellllll"
  • You are the most literal person! If we say "Ok you're going to go upstairs and get a shower and go to bed." Then you'll come back with "No I'm going to take a shower, and brush my teeth, and dry my hair and put on my jammies, and read story, and say prayers, and THEN I'm going to bed." You are just a precise person!
  • You've become an early riser the past month. You dont want to miss anything when Remy wakes up for her early bottle, you're also wanting breakfast at 630am! That leads to you wanting lunch at 10am! We're going to get you an alarm clock. =)
  • You tell me a lot that I'm the "best mommy in the whole world from ever after" and you have no idea how amazing that feels, sweet Rylie.

Your Mommy, Daddy, and big sister love you more than anything!

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    Yaya said...

    Ashley this is the sweetest idea to do for you daughter!! I enjoyed reading it too. She will LOVE this when she's older and I know you will treasure being able to go back and read it as well. I cannot wait to start a family, and I will definitely be stealing this idea when I do!