Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rice Cereal!

Last Monday we tried rice cereal with Remy for the first time! We only got video though. So last Wednesday or Thursday I took photos of her eating like a big girl.

She's on Gerber organic brown rice and is doing great and seems to like it! We'll continue this week with it and start veggies next week. Dr said she needs to get some weight up (although I think she's so chunky already hehe!)

I dont know how much she's eating every night. I just pour 1 oz formula and mix in cereal to a semi-thick consistency (otherwise it just drips out of her mouth) and then she has 4 oz formula right after and that's her last evening feeding.

Rylie was excited to help!

"That was good!"

"Is there anymore?"

"I think I'm big stuff now!"


~Shelly~ said...

Aw so cute! I love that Rylie is feeding her ;) Such a cute stage!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

yeah! Milestones:)