Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Remy-4 Months Old

Remy turned 4 months old yesterday!
Her 4 mo checkup was today and she's currently:
12 lbs 7oz (24%) and 25 1/4 in (84%)
She hit a growth spurt in height, but the Dr said her weight's a little low. We were given the go ahead with rice cereal! We're also going to try regular formula again. We're not sure she was diagnosed right with protein sensitivity because she only had 1 symptom which could've been from something else. So we're going to try Similac Sensitive again (tried when she was born but it was really foamy).

Other notes from this month:
She's babbling alot more now. She loves being held to "stand." She's almost rolling from back to belly! Just cant get over that arm! She's on a great schedule of sleep 830pm-630am, eat, nap til 930am, eat, play, catnap, eat, play, big nap while sister naps, eat, play, catnap later at dinnertime, eat, bath, little play then bed! She always falls asleep in the carseat on trips. She's a wiggle worm! She slides off her boppy pillow and now has to be tightly strapped into everything-bouncer, swing, cradle seat when we're just hanging out. She discovered hands and feet this past month. Went thru a growth spurt of eating every 2 hours on 5 oz of formula. By the time she ate, changed diaper, burped, it was only an hour before the next feeding. So we bumped up to 6oz and she finally would go 3 hours between feedings. The past few days though she's not wanting to finish bottles. I guess it was just a growth spurt that's over! She's just moving into 3-6mo clothes, mostly just pj's. She still fits in most 0-3 mo or 3 mo clothes. We're almost done with size 1 diapers! We're just trying to finish what we have left. She also had her 1st diaper rash this month =(

Here are some recent photos of what Remy's been up to lately...
Tummy time! She loves her new toy from Santa!

Playing with sister! They're already best friends.

The first time she played with a toy in her hand. She loves little rattle toys now.
Practicing sitting up. (Rylie was sitting at 5 months)

Teething! She likes her Sophie giraffe. She soaks so many bibs/outfits a day with all this drool!

And more growing! You can tell she's gotten some chunk on her this past month! hehe


EMonaghan said...

I seriously can't believe that she's 4 months old already, such a big girl already sitting up, rolling, starting solids. In my mind she's a newborn!

Miranda said...

The similac sensitive was really foamy. We used the drBrown pitcher. And would even add 3-4 drops of mylicon to that. It really did help I thought. If you get it at HEB you don't have to "set the stopper" basically the trick is to not pull the mixer out of the water!!!!