Monday, January 9, 2012

New Yr Weekend

I'm so behind right now...last weekend we didnt do anything big for New Year's. Saturday we stayed home and then did our usual dinner out-Red Lobster this year. Rylie has suddenly become terrified of fireworks. Weird. She was obsessed with them last year. So this was the first time we didnt do any. She actually slept in our room with us because she was so afraid of the neighbors fireworks. We didnt even stay up until midnight.

Sunday, New Years, we joined David at his church. Then took Rylie to the Galleria for lunch at Rainforest Cafe!

Then David took her ice skating. Remy and I watched from the side.

Well.....this could've gone better. We should've stuck to our usual ice skating in the Woodlands. They didnt have the walkers to help the kids here and with only David skating with her, he couldn't help her as much.

I think they did one or two circles and were done. She just wasnt having fun.

Then we took her to the Disney store. They have a new fancy one here with this cute castle display.

And a magic mirror! She got Rapunzel's change of clothes set and was so happy with just that! I think it made up for the ice skating letdown. That was all we did to ring in the new year!