Friday, January 27, 2012

While Sister's Away....Library Play & Princess Dressup

Tuesday while Rylie was in school I took Remy to a local library infant playtime.

It's for age 0-18 mos and of course Remy was the youngest, but she had fun!

She loved watching the "big" kids and wanted to play.

It was something fun and different for us. She loved especially when I held her up to stand. She'd just laugh so much and thought she was one of the bigger kids lol

Later this week I also took a few pictures of Remy in 2 of Rylie's princess outfit hand-me-downs. I'd been meaning to take these for awhile and needed to quickly before she outgrew them. These arent the best because I didnt have the camera settings right but they'll do for now! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

She loves her Kitty too!

Remy rolled over last Friday onto her Kitty and grabbed it with the biggest smile!

She is so much like her sister.

"Wanna play Mommy?"

Look at that chubby wrist and those cheeks! I could just eat her up =)

And she knows it!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rylie Updates

Rylie, here are some updates on things you've done since turning 4!

  • You've entered the "why" phase full-force! I answer you about 4 "why's" and then give up. Ha! Instead of saying "because I said so" I turn it around on you and ask "why do you think?" I love seeing what your imagination comes up with!
  • Your favorite things to do are coloring, playing with your little bitty barbies and little Rapunzel figures and tower, and dollhouse, and acting out scenes from movies, and singing!
  • Your favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Strawberry Shortcake, Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Your favorite princess is Rapunzel.
  • You still are a picky eater. I wonder if you'll ever outgrow this. I continue to give you new things to try so hopefully you'll branch out soon.
  • You are the best big sister to Remy. You constantly "mother" her and before I can even get up, you're quick to grab her paci and give it to her. You talk so sweet to her and say "oh it's ok sweetie." and you always give her hugs and kisses.
  • We've switched you to 2% milk since your birthday. You stayed on whole milk a long time to keep your weight good. You're just so active!
  • You finally had your 1st ear infection and it wasnt fun, but you did love the pain medicine I gave you and now we have to really be sure you're in pain and not just wanting the grape medicine!
  • You definitely have no trouble expressing your opinion on things. I love that you're so honest, but we're trying to teach you it's not always nice to tell someone you dont like something (mostly my cooking ha!)
  • You've suddenly become "afraid" of your room at night and beg constantly to sleep in mommy's bed. Hopefully the addition of another nightlight will help (and the video monitor I bought so I can see you and talk to you thru it) You never say what you're scared of.
  • You are such a sweet girl and tell everyone you love them. You constantly think of others and genuinely care about your friends.
  • I had my first parent-teacher conference recently and they had just wonderful things to say about you! I'm so glad you love your school and are doing so well there!
  • You start every sentence lately with "You knoowwwww......." or "Wellllll"
  • You are the most literal person! If we say "Ok you're going to go upstairs and get a shower and go to bed." Then you'll come back with "No I'm going to take a shower, and brush my teeth, and dry my hair and put on my jammies, and read story, and say prayers, and THEN I'm going to bed." You are just a precise person!
  • You've become an early riser the past month. You dont want to miss anything when Remy wakes up for her early bottle, you're also wanting breakfast at 630am! That leads to you wanting lunch at 10am! We're going to get you an alarm clock. =)
  • You tell me a lot that I'm the "best mommy in the whole world from ever after" and you have no idea how amazing that feels, sweet Rylie.

Your Mommy, Daddy, and big sister love you more than anything!

    Tuesday, January 24, 2012

    Rice Cereal!

    Last Monday we tried rice cereal with Remy for the first time! We only got video though. So last Wednesday or Thursday I took photos of her eating like a big girl.

    She's on Gerber organic brown rice and is doing great and seems to like it! We'll continue this week with it and start veggies next week. Dr said she needs to get some weight up (although I think she's so chunky already hehe!)

    I dont know how much she's eating every night. I just pour 1 oz formula and mix in cereal to a semi-thick consistency (otherwise it just drips out of her mouth) and then she has 4 oz formula right after and that's her last evening feeding.

    Rylie was excited to help!

    "That was good!"

    "Is there anymore?"

    "I think I'm big stuff now!"

    Monday, January 23, 2012

    Sister Shirts and Exersaucer

    This was last week. The girls wore their first matching shirt sets. I've tried for days to get these uploaded right but they keep turning sideways. Grr..

    And we pulled out this exersaucer for the first time!

    Rylie of course was excited to play with her and show her everything!

    Remy's almost big enough to play in it but she still just likes to sit in there and hold some rattles and look around from this view!

    Later in the afternoon Remy was extra fussy so I laid her in my bed, went to get some water, and came back to these sweet little feet sticking out.

    And this sweet girl sound asleep. Dont worry, I stayed right by her side the entire nap.

    Wednesday, January 18, 2012

    Sister Play Day

    Remy was pretty cranky the rest of last week from her shots she got on Tues. Friday she was in a better mood and we played a lot in the morning!

    Rylie's been all about her dollhouse since she got a lot of room sets for Christmas! I'll be honest, it is really fun to play with! Just to show what a photographic memory Rylie has, awhile back she was playing dollhouse and came running down with the baby highchair from the kitchen set and said it had the same cat as Remy's toy on it.

    I didnt know what she was talking about until she showed me on Remy's bouncer.

    And what do you know, they are the exact same image! Guess Fisher Price reuses the same pictures and these 2 items were bought 3 years apart! Rylie sure doesnt miss a thing.

    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    Rolly Poly

    Last Tuesday afternoon Remy rolled over for the first time BOTH WAYS! She's been so close to going from back to belly for awhile and while practicing, she decided to go from belly to back twice! So after I knew it wasnt a fluke, I grabbed the camera and got it on video! Click here to view it (it's long, but she only rolls at the beginning).

    Proud smile after!

    THEN I wanted to get pictures of how close she's been to going from back to belly and suddenly she went all the way over! I got these photos of her progress and when I saw she was going all the way, I switched to video and just caught her on belly after and missed the actual roll =( She's been rolling both ways all week and got them down good now.

    I guess we were putting too much praise on Remy though for rolling over because Rylie did this to her chair right after the 1st video I took =(

    The next day she "fixed" it herself though. =) She felt so bad. I'm not sure it was really because I was giving more attention to Remy while she was rolling or what. But I thought it was cute how she fixed it herself.

    Monday, January 16, 2012

    26th Birthday

    Last monday I turned 26. We had small celebrations last weekend.

    Saturday we took the girls to Mimi's house to play while David took me to dinner.

    We went to Laurenzo's in Houston for the first time. It was pretty good!

    This homemade brownie with salty bourbon sauce and ice cream was SO GOOD!

    We also went back to Mimi's house Sunday after church to hang out with David's aunt Lana who was visiting and all had dinner together and cake. I didnt take any photos though.

    Monday (my bday) was just chill. The girls and I stayed home in pj's all day playing and relaxing. It was perfect. David brought home these BEAUTIFUL flowers and my favorite cupcake from CRAVE! I cant believe I'm on the upper end of my 20's now!

    Tuesday, January 10, 2012

    Remy-4 Months Old

    Remy turned 4 months old yesterday!
    Her 4 mo checkup was today and she's currently:
    12 lbs 7oz (24%) and 25 1/4 in (84%)
    She hit a growth spurt in height, but the Dr said her weight's a little low. We were given the go ahead with rice cereal! We're also going to try regular formula again. We're not sure she was diagnosed right with protein sensitivity because she only had 1 symptom which could've been from something else. So we're going to try Similac Sensitive again (tried when she was born but it was really foamy).

    Other notes from this month:
    She's babbling alot more now. She loves being held to "stand." She's almost rolling from back to belly! Just cant get over that arm! She's on a great schedule of sleep 830pm-630am, eat, nap til 930am, eat, play, catnap, eat, play, big nap while sister naps, eat, play, catnap later at dinnertime, eat, bath, little play then bed! She always falls asleep in the carseat on trips. She's a wiggle worm! She slides off her boppy pillow and now has to be tightly strapped into everything-bouncer, swing, cradle seat when we're just hanging out. She discovered hands and feet this past month. Went thru a growth spurt of eating every 2 hours on 5 oz of formula. By the time she ate, changed diaper, burped, it was only an hour before the next feeding. So we bumped up to 6oz and she finally would go 3 hours between feedings. The past few days though she's not wanting to finish bottles. I guess it was just a growth spurt that's over! She's just moving into 3-6mo clothes, mostly just pj's. She still fits in most 0-3 mo or 3 mo clothes. We're almost done with size 1 diapers! We're just trying to finish what we have left. She also had her 1st diaper rash this month =(

    Here are some recent photos of what Remy's been up to lately...
    Tummy time! She loves her new toy from Santa!

    Playing with sister! They're already best friends.

    The first time she played with a toy in her hand. She loves little rattle toys now.
    Practicing sitting up. (Rylie was sitting at 5 months)

    Teething! She likes her Sophie giraffe. She soaks so many bibs/outfits a day with all this drool!

    And more growing! You can tell she's gotten some chunk on her this past month! hehe

    Monday, January 9, 2012

    New Yr Weekend

    I'm so behind right now...last weekend we didnt do anything big for New Year's. Saturday we stayed home and then did our usual dinner out-Red Lobster this year. Rylie has suddenly become terrified of fireworks. Weird. She was obsessed with them last year. So this was the first time we didnt do any. She actually slept in our room with us because she was so afraid of the neighbors fireworks. We didnt even stay up until midnight.

    Sunday, New Years, we joined David at his church. Then took Rylie to the Galleria for lunch at Rainforest Cafe!

    Then David took her ice skating. Remy and I watched from the side.

    Well.....this could've gone better. We should've stuck to our usual ice skating in the Woodlands. They didnt have the walkers to help the kids here and with only David skating with her, he couldn't help her as much.

    I think they did one or two circles and were done. She just wasnt having fun.

    Then we took her to the Disney store. They have a new fancy one here with this cute castle display.

    And a magic mirror! She got Rapunzel's change of clothes set and was so happy with just that! I think it made up for the ice skating letdown. That was all we did to ring in the new year!