Thursday, December 29, 2011

This Year's Family Pictures

We had these taken November 5 for our Christmas cards with Tiffany Heath at Mulberry Dreams. She also did our family photos last year. I will say these arent as great as last year's but not because of the photographer. I'm just not loving how I looked just having a baby 8 weeks prior and Remy wasnt too cooperative. So this was our only family shot that turned out and we only had ONE photo of both girls together. Rylie thankfully was GREAT and got a ton of great photos of her! So these will have to get us by til next year! 

The grandparents havent seen these yet, so here they are! Let me know what prints you want =)

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Grandma said...

LOVE ALL THE PICTURES! Rylie's are fantastic. Especially love the one of the girls together. You have such a beautiful family.