Friday, December 16, 2011

Rylie's School Christmas Program & Party

Tuesday night Rylie's sang in her school Christmas program. It was so cute! It was really crazy though and hard to see the kids and I didnt get the best photos. David videotaped but again we were in the back on zoom so not the best quality. Rylie did GREAT though and we're so proud of her! She loved being up there singing!

Rylie and Logan before the show

All the kids on stage sitting during the "birth of Jesus story"

Singing more...Rylie's in the center in white dress standing up

Thursday Rylie had her school Christmas party!

Loves her carrot sticks! Eating lunch at the party

She put grapes in her mouth to make her cheeks big like her friend & they were laughing at each other 

Christmas tree cupcakes!

She said "my teeth are green like the Grinch!" All the kids loved having green teeth!

The class did a cute book exchange and Rylie brought this one home!

Then they made "reindeer food" out of oatmeal, sugar, and glitter!

AND did a cute Christmas sticker craft! Whew! What a party! And this was Remy the whole time....

I'd just fed her before the party & she slept through it all!

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