Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Remy's 3 Months Old

During this past month Remy, here are your updates:
  • Finally moved fully into 0-3 mo clothes. Some NB still fit if not a one-piece outfit.
  • Drinking 5 ounces. She's on a growth spurt the past week and drinking every 2 hours during day. We switched to Similac Alimentum which is the same as Enfamil Nutramigen basically but healthier to me.
  • Moved to size 2 bottle nipples.
  • Sleeps 9pm-6amYou moved into your own bed in your room this month and you're doing pretty good.
  • Size 1 diapers.
  • Holding yourself up very well, not so much a bobble head anymore.
  • Sat in bumbo seat for 1st time and now sits in frequently very well.
  • Definitely picked up on the cooing and babbling and laughing more.
  • Started grabbing things and holding onto them. I think you're right-handed.
  • Putting weight on your feet when we hold you up to "stand"
  • "Playing" with toys now. You love your floor gym, your bouncer seat, and somewhat the toy bar on your carseat.
  • You can kick your feet when laying flat on your back and scoot around in a circle. It sets off the AngelCare monitor when you move off the sensor pad.
  • You've gotta be getting teeth in soon! You've been chewing in your fingers so bad the top knuckles have been rubbed raw. You also soak several bibs a day with drool.
  • Had your first sickness this month (RSV) and it was not fun.
  • You're a pretty happy baby most of the time!

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EMonaghan said...

I can't believe she's 3 months already! She is so cute with her bows that match the stickers! I love it!