Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Rylie's school is doing this big thing for the month of December called RAK-Random Acts of Kindness. They sent home a calendar with kind things to do for someone every day of this month. Small, but appreciative things like holding the door open for someone, praying for someone, etc. Well, today our family received a random act of kindness out of nowhere (that was not related to Rylie's school). I know it had to be from someone who either reads our blog or is on my Facebook to have known what we've been going through the past month (because they mentioned them in detail in the letter) and attached was a gift that was just so "us." So obviously this anonymous person "knows" us and really cares to have thought about us lately and go through the trouble of sending this without wanting any recognition for it. So to the anonymous Elf out there, just wanted to say thanks for brightening our day! I just love random acts of kindness-surprising someone with a gesture that will make their day. We will definitely pay the kindness forward! Merry Christmas!

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~Shelly~ said...

How sweet :) Hope u guys are doing well!!