Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Other Recent Photos

Tues, Dec 6 on the way to Rylie's school Rylie said "Look at us Mommy! We're holding hands!" So I snapped a quick photo at a red light. So sweet.

That Tues night I attended a Christmas Tea at the church I attend MOPS. Each table was set with a different theme. I loved this blue snowflake one. Reminded me of how we originally planned our wedding to be in December with a winter theme.

This was the table I sat at with a few neighbors who attended. They had a great speaker talk about finding PEACE this holiday season and we drank tea and had dessert. Loved a little night away on my own with other great ladies!

Sun, Dec 11 Rylie was playing upstairs and I went to tell her it was time to head to the store and found her asleep on the floor dressed in her Rapunzel costume! Maybe she was trying to be sleeping beauty instead? ha!

Mon, Dec 12 Remy looked so cute in a new outfit! Not really my style but I loved the colors and Remy looked adorable.

I tried to get photos of the look Remy gives Rylie all the time. So precious! 

She loves her big sister! She just looks up to her so much!


~Shelly~ said...

Aw u should so save that little leopard outfit for Presley :) Unless of course u are going for baby #3..hehehehe!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Shelly I just bought that outfit last week at Target! Remy needed a few more warm clothes since all of Rylie's were 3-6mo size and Remy's still smaller. It's not really my style but the colors were so pretty & I wanted something different! We got a really cute navy one too!