Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell 2011

I cant believe this year is already over! It has been quite a year for our family. Seems like just yesterday we rang in 2011 and then received exciting news that Remy was on the way. I cannot wait for 2012! I have a lot of expectations that it will be a great year. Here's a little recap of our 2011 with 12 pictures highlighting each month. Happy New Year!


Baby on the way! Rylie's gonna be a big sister!
I also turned 25 this month. Oh to be that skinny again lol.


Announced the news!


Rylie got an updated big-girl room!


Celebrated a great Easter with my Mom


A big month for us! Rylie had her 1st dance recital, we hosted a gender reveal party, David and I celebrated 4 years of marriage, and I had a great Mother's Day.


David and I spent a wonderful weekend in Orlando! 
David also turned 31, we celebrated Mimi's birthday, I had a great baby shower in Waco, Rylie started a new school summer camp, and we saw Remy in a 4D ultrasound!


Celebrated the 4th in Maine with Mimi and Gaga! Rylie's dream came true seeing her lighthouse.
We had great maternity portraits taken and my wonderful friends hosted a baby sprinkle for Remy.


Remy's room is ready!
Rylie started a new preschool, dance class, drama class, and attended a big sister class! We also had lots of fun library, indoor playground, and playdates with friends.


Our little Remy finally arrived!


Rylie celebrated her 4th birthday with a "Madeline" party!
She also had a great Halloween as Rapunzel.
Sadly, this month we lost David's Granny followed a week later by the death of my friend Nick.


Hosted Thanksgiving, and really missed Granny being with us. 
Our good friends Susan and family also moved to Ft Worth and Remy had RSV. This wasnt the best month for us.

Rylie performed a cute Christmas dance recital, Remy met Santa, and we had a great low-key Christmas with all our family!

My resolution last NYE was to eat better and I've done great switching to organic and just all-around healthier foods (thanks to Susan, a big help!). This year I'd like to get back into church more and have the girls more active there. I'd also like to get back into working out and lose the baby weight, but I'm not putting too much pressure on that or else I wont do it.

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