Saturday, December 24, 2011

Night Before Christmas


Rylie was excited 24 was the last number on her calendar! She loves keeping up with this-never have to remind her! She woke up excited as all ever! I made her special Christmas-shaped pancakes for breakfast.

Then we got ready to go. Can you FEEL the excitement in Rylie's face?! haha!

David, Remy, and I played the holy family at his church downtown again. We did this 4 years ago with Rylie too. A perk to having an Autumn baby.

Nativity scene during service. I rode in on a donkey and all. Totally legit.

Rylie did great sitting with Mimi and Gaga and was pretty into the fact that Mommy and Daddy and baby sister were on stage. During rehearsal last week she kept asking where she was going on stage. I told her she'd wear a pretty dress and sit with Mimi and Gaga. She gave herself title of angel. =)

Our family after the show!

Rylie checking out "baby Jesus" in the manger. She kept asking "Is Jesus a boy? Is Remy a boy now?" lol Thanks Mimi and Gaga for helping us with Rylie and Remy for the service!

I brought the girls home while David had to work at the church late. Oh boy what a night. Rylie had a million questions with so much excitement leading up to Christmas. She didnt want dinner because she wanted to see the reindeer come after she put food out for them (above). She made "reindeer food" at her school party awhile back.

Explained reindeer come after bed with Santa.

Finally got both girls bathed and dinners fed and Remy refused sleep. Rylie was eager to do traditional things and I want to remember this was the first year she carried the plate of goodies herself and picked out what to put on there for Santa.

Santa's goodies ready!

I love her face and the fact that her shirt says "I'm on the nice list." hehe

Then, stalling for bed, she insisted on drawing Dina (her elf) a picture to take back to the north pole with her to show her elf friends. So she did that and showed it to Dina (sitting in our tree). Then said goodbye to her (she goes back to north pole with Santa Christmas Eve)

And put her picture with his goodies-also a list of what she asked for....ya know in case he forgets which are for Rylie.

Then I read both girls "The Night Before Christmas" (again Remy refusing to sleep) and put them both to bed (Remy for the 3rd time). Then I made corn pudding for Christmas day dinner, fed Remy AGAIN and put her back to bed, put Rylie back to bed after she woke up asking if Santa was here yet, made monkey bread for Christmas breakfast, put Remy in her swing hoping it'll finally put her to sleep, and finally there was peace in the house =)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

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