Saturday, November 5, 2011

Susan's Lunch

A few of us got together last Thur for lunch with Susan since she's leaving in less than a month =(
Courtney and little Hadley with Susan

Tiffany, Remy and myself

It's just starting to hit me that Susan won't be down the street anymore. Rylie won't get to ride bikes with Owen or meet up at the playground after nap or wrestle and laugh with Owen and Ethan anymore. And I'm really going to miss the good talks. Susan's really been there for me this past year, especially this past Summer through the pregnancy. I know they're super excited about this new change in their lives and I'm really happy for them! It's definitely bittersweet. I already cant wait to visit them in Ft Worth, but I'm still going to miss seeing them more frequently. Thank goodness for modern technology so we can stay in touch!

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