Thursday, November 10, 2011

Remy is 2 months old!

Remy turned 2 months old yesterday!

Here are her current updates-
  • Drinks 4 oz formula (currently Enfamil Nutramigen) every 3 hours during the day and goes 6-8 hours at night (usually 7:30pm-2:30am) and then about 5 hours after that until morning and time to wake up. We're still debating if we like this formula for good.
  • She just moved to size 1 diapers.
  • Still wears some newborn clothes and starting to wear some 0-3 mo.
  • Loves sleeping in her cradle seat or swing.
  • Now "plays" in her bouncer, but only about 20 min at a time.
  • Is almost "cooing." She's starting to make sounds and smile like she's going to talk to us but not much noise yet. I remember Rylie was "talking" a lot at this point so I think it's anyday now.
  • Started drooling a lot lately-same as Rylie did. I'm thinking they'll both be early teethers (Rylie had her 1st around 3 mos)
  • Loves riding in the car. She hated it right after she was born, but loves it now. Completely knocks her into a deep sleep. She'll be so fussy all morning at home and then as soon as we drive somewhere, she's conked out. So everyone sees her sleeping so peacefully in her carseat when we're out and about and nobody believes me that she's been a stinker all morning ;-)
  • Still loves just her soothie pacifier.
  • She LOVES her big sister and just stares at her and smiles. It thrills Rylie to death!
  • She holds her head up very well, but gets mad when we're burping her during feedings and thrashes it around. We've had several head-butts that hurt us both lol
  • She just started putting a little weight on her legs when we hold her up.
  • Discovered last week her new best friend-the ceiling fan. Rylie was the same as a baby! Remy will just lay and stare at it and laugh away.

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