Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Day 2011

We had a big Halloween day! Started off with Remy photo in pj's-the same ones Rylie wore 4 years ago!

Rylie 1/2 wks old and Remy 7 1/2 wks old

Then Remy got in her outfit my friend Shelly gave her!
More photo opt!
Halloween cuties!

Then we got out crafts. We had nothing better to do so I let Rylie go to town painting our pumpkins.

I did a little painting too =)

Then Rylie and I made "cookies for Santa" as she called them. But they were Halloween cookies.
 We used tiny Halloween cutters and even her lighthouse one from Maine. It was a "haunted" lighthouse to fit the Halloween theme =)

Then it was costume time! Rylie's been SO eager to put this wig and crown on! (Thanks Shelly for helping us get a Rapunzel crown! Disney store only made 5 per store and everyone snatched them up to sell on ebay for 10x the cost! Lame!) She wanted Remy to be "Pascal" with her but that wasnt an easy costume. Remy was really too little for a costume this year.

I had to include these photos. Rylie and Kendall every Halloween the past 4 years! They're so grown up now. I took both girls around the neighborhood by myself this year since David was in Lubbock for Granny's memorial. Remy was good and Rylie had a lot of fun. She really got into Halloween this year!


~Shelly~ said...

Awww that outfit looked so cute on her!! I love it! Glad I could help- I know how frustrating it is to really want something & can't really get it! Glad they had a great Halloween :)

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

She looks super cute. I love the past photos!