Thursday, November 3, 2011

4 Year & 2 Month Checkups

I took both girls to their checkups on Friday, October 28. (Remy's was a little early) I didnt realize how brave I was taking them alone until I got there. It was a little hectic but do-able.

I did take cute pictures of them both there, thought I'd uploaded them to the computer but didnt and deleted them from my camera. =( Remy wore her blue jeans for the 1st time to her appt, just like Rylie did. But no photos, just boring writing for me to remember!

Ok Rylie first:
She weighs 33lb 8oz (37.25%) and is 3ft 3in (35.43%).
She did a hearing and vision test and passed both perfectly!
Then it was time for shots =/ She knew they were coming. It was really hard for me. I had to hold her down while she screamed "MOMMY! Please let me get up, Mommy! PLEASE!" Heartbreaking. But she wasnt crying and after the 1st shot went in, she was like Oh. That's it? And was fine after.

Then Remy:
She weighs 9lb 3.8oz (23.66%) and is 21 3/4in (19.58%).
She is still on acid reflux medicine (Zantac) and it helps tremendously. She still also has Gripe Water in each bottle and takes gas drops after each feeding. She's been on Enfamil Newborn but still hasnt had a normal BM. Just plain liquid. So the Dr recommended we try Enfamil ProSoBee (a soy formula) to see if she had a milk/protein sensitivity. A week on that and her BM's were the opposite problem, causing her much pain. So this past Friday her Dr gave us samples of Enfamil Nutrimagen to try. She seems to be doing better on it but we'll give it a few more days. Remy also got several shots and Rylie was such encouragement saying "It's ok Remy! You can do it!" So cute.

They were both cranky girls later that afternoon but slept very well that night! So glad they're both healthy growing ladies!


The Stairs Family said...

Have you ever tried Similac formula? I started both my boys on Enfamil and then when my youngest was born he had horrible tummy problems. We switched peds in the process and she had us try Similac. She said that Enfamil actually has high fructose corn syrup in it and is hard for babies with sensitive tummies to digest! Similac actually has natural sugars in it. I felt so bad knowing we had gave it to my older son (who had the same tummy problems, just not as serious).

Just a thought...i know things work differently for everyone so I just thought I'd share!

By the way I love Remy's smile in that adorable Halloween outfit!!

~Shelly~ said...

Im really dreading Kinleys shots on Wednesday. I hear they are bad so I think Im going to split these up. She will also need a flu shot so I dont think she needs that many in 1 day :( Glad they both did well- I cant wait for Kinley to be there for her little sis ;)

Ashlee McCrary said...

Melissa, we tried Similac Sensitive in the beginning to help with Remy's gas but it only made her tummy hurt more and she was screaming a lot. We tried it 2 separate times too and wasted 1/2 of 2 sample containers. We've also tried Similac Advance which was fine but her bowels didnt change. We might try another form of it tho if this stuff doesnt work.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

You are brave! I take the kids together for there checkups but with hubby:) Hope Remy is doing better!