Wednesday, November 30, 2011

tummy and bumbo

Monday we did our normal tummy time during Rylie's nap. Remy's getting so great at holding her head up longer and stronger.

 We also tried the bumbo seat for the 1st time! She did great holding herself up and checking out her room from a new view.

Her first "diamond!"

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Her Own Room

One thing I'm excited about that happened Thankgiving weekend is Remy moving to her own room! Her first stay in her bed was Wednesday night and she's done great since! She's typically sleeping 8 or 9pm-4am, eats, then sleeps til 8 or 9am. About same schedule Rylie was at this age. We're lucky to have 2 great sleepers!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

This Thanksgiving was nice, but also a little sad. We've all still been pretty down about Granny's recent passing and especially thought of her on this holiday she would've spent with us.

We're thankful we had these 2 turkies to keep the day bright.

Rylie was ecstatic to watch the parade (and dance) and asked every 2 minutes "where's Santa?!"

David worked on the bird

I made the sides and got the table set

We hosted this year with David's mom, Craig, and brother Daniel

Our 1st Thanksgiving as a family of 4! 

This weekend we also put up Christmas decorations.

Rylie loved helping decorate the tree.

And hugging the tree after! She was very proud of her decorating.

Christmas jammies! We'll have to save the matching jammies for next year-they dont make any sets under 12 mos for little Remy.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

On the mend

The past week we've had some crud sneak up on us and we're now feeling a lot better!

Remy started with allergy symptoms-stuffy nose and a small cough. Then it turned into a bad cough where she would gag and sound like she was choking. I took her to the Dr last Friday (where she weighed 10lb 2oz!) and she tested positive for RSV. It's a respiratory virus and no medicines to help her. All we would do was use humidifier and try to keep her nose clean. Thankfully it didnt get worse and she never had a fever. She just didnt want to eat all weekend and slept a LOT. She's all better now =)

Rylie also started with allergy symptoms about 2 weeks ago. She had this cough at night that started to come during the day too. Lots of congestion in her chest. She also never got a fever thankfully and is now all better too!

Since this week was holiday week (no school or extra activities), we stayed at home a lot! Remy's been doing a LOT of tummy time! She loves looking at herself in the mirror.

Rylie helped Remy open a gift from Aunt Lana. A precious bib and bootie socks!

And today Remy played for a long time on her floor mat. This was the 1st time she actually grabbed the toys at the top and kept kicking them to make noises. She just laughed away for so long! Definitely feeling all better!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

School Thanksgiving Feast

Last Thursday Rylie's school hosted a huge Thanksgiving feast for family/friends of students. I arrived a little late-it was a CRAZY day! But Rylie was excited Remy and I joined her for lunch.

They had CUTE placemats and crafts they made at each seat. Rylie was so proud to show me all her things she made.

There were about 550 people total! I should've taken a picture of the dessert room. It was really impressive for this sweet tooth lol

Me and my girl. I'm so thankful for this wonderful school she attends and for this little girl especially.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Friends Moving Party

This was last Saturday (not 2 days ago). We attended our friends Susan and Brian's moving party at their house.
Rylie and Owen were excited to play when we arrived!
They had a bounce house and they both had a blast playing. I only took a few photos when we arrived. David was working and I had both girls and Remy needed to eat. We had fun seeing our friends and hanging out (and eating yummy cupcake pops Susan made!) They're heading out on Friday. Moving trucks come and they'll be headed out.  =(  It's not goodbye, it's see you soon. When you find good, true friends like Susan, Brian, Owen and little Ethan you dont let it end because of a 4 hour drive between you.
I had to make a cute little collage of Rylie and Owen pictures....because they're just too cute together =) And this song is precisely the friendship Susan gives. Had to include it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Remy's Birth Photographer Pics

Finally getting to post these on here. Just a FEW of my favorites! Amanda with Day-Z Photography did a fantastic job. =)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Recent Remy Cuteness

Rylie was with Mimi at work last Friday so Remy and I had a quiet day to ourselves.

We played a little dressup!

She's already trained for the camera ;-)

Pretty baby.

This past Monday morning I finally got pictures of Remy enjoying her swing.

She usually sleeps in it but she now LOVES the rotating animals at the top.

Laughing at her "friends" up there

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pink Baby Hat

I bought this outfit & hat from Old Navy right after I found out we were having a girl!

And I'd been anxious for her to wear it!

So naturally there had to be a photoshoot with her 1st time in it =)

Love her.