Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rylie's 4th Birthday!

Our little Rylie roo turned 4 last Wednesday! We've been crazy busy with all her birthday festivities since. It started with a big, fun-filled day on Wed!

Remy, David, and I woke Rylie up singing "happy birthday" She was so excited!

Brushing her teeth all by herself...because ya know, she's 4 now. Totally big girl.

Ready to start her day!

Her favorite breakfast at her & Daddy's favorite place-Denny's!

Pumpkin patch with a few girlfriends

Quick photo with sister too. Lunch followed with her girlfriends (my 1st alone with both kiddos so I was too busy to take photos)

Then I took Rylie to paint at Mudpie! She got to pick her item (a tiny puppy) and her colors and paint it all on her own!

Then we went next door to a new cupcake place. She picked the pink sprinkle birthday surprise flavor and I grabbed a few more to take home.

After nap (or at least an attempt at one!) she had dance class! She dressed herself....because ya know, she's 4 now.

Back home and a few birthday photos by mommy

Then presents! Lion King dvd from Remy. She's been waiting for this for months! Good job Remy!

Princess microphone and Repunzel tower from Mommy & Daddy! She's been having a blast with them both all week! Not sure which she loves more.

Then bath, dinner, singing and cupcake!

Phew! It was quite an exhausting day but totally worth it to make it special for our sweet girl! Remy was a trooper too the whole time hopping from place to place. I can't believe our girl's already 4 years old!