Friday, October 28, 2011

Rylie's 4 Year Updates

  • Since turning 4, she thinks she's SO BIG! She's so proud to do everything all by herself, even more than before. She does her own shower (with supervision), has started brushing her own teeth in the morning (we still do the night brushes), and wants to go potty by herself in the stall in public restrooms lol (I stand right outside the door tho!) And wants to open and close the car doors herself.
  • You'd seriously think she's been waiting since birth to turn 4 & tells everyone she's not 3 anymore.
  • She is such a performer and sings for us all the time. Mostly songs from her school's Chapel time or songs from my kid cd in the car.
  • She is so smart. If I tell her we cant do something or get something, she'll say "I guess we need a mouskatool." And then creates on her own this whole scenario. Like she needed bandaids from downstairs bathroom when she was up in her room and listed off 3 mousekatools and said "we could use the rope to climb down and get the bandaids."

  • She is still the funniest kid I've ever met! She constantly has people laughing at the things she comes up with.
  • She's getting so good at spelling words, we have to be careful and can't just spell things to keep her from knowing what we're talking about anymore.
  • She loves her school and her teachers say she's always so good. Once did she tell me after school her listening ears werent working for awhile but then they worked again. lol
  • Her favorite activities are coloring, puzzles, watching her shows, playing outside, dressing up, acting out scenes from movies/tv shows, reading books, singing and dancing.
  • She never stops talking. Ever.
  • She's still a picky eater. Green beans are the only hot veggie she'll eat besides mashed potatoes and she wont go near anything resembling spaghetti (ravioli, lasagna, hamburger helper meals, etc).
  • Our current conflicts are fighting naps, learning patience, purposely acting out to get attention (minor things like coloring a small mark on her pants and then eagerly showing us), and arguing back.
  • She's the best little helper. She sets the table before dinner and helps carry in groceries and is great at helping clean up.
  • She knows her phone number, street directions to Mimi's house and our house.
  • She's just the proudest big sister to Remy! She's always checking on her and gets excited and says "her eyes are open! she's looking at me! she's smiling!"

We just love this age and couldn't be more proud of her!

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Those are really good pics! Did you take them?