Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kendalls 4th

Saturday we went to Kendall's 4th birthday party! It was a Repunzel party and Rylie's been talking about it all last week.

She had a great time playing with all her friends at the party!

Sweet hug after opening Rylie's gift.

Singing to the birthday girl!

Rylie was SO excited there was "Repunzel" cake! Fun party!

Afterwards Rylie and I ran a lot of errands. I just had so much to do that I didnt get done last weekend and I cant do during the week anymore. I used to prefer running errands alone but now I'll take errands with Rylie over errands with 2 anyday. lol We had a dinner date just us 2 and had a fun afternoon together.

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~Shelly~ said...

She looks so cute with that headband on! Glad she had fun at the partay!