Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Dining Out & Charlotte's 4th

Today we went out to eat for the 1st time as a family of 4! We took Rylie out when she was 3 weeks 1 day old so we had to do the same with Remy. And we took them both out for the 1st time to our favorite restaurant-Red Lobster! hehe Remy did good and even though she was awake the whole time, she just chilled in her carseat. No pictures but I wanted to note this for my memory.

This afternoon was Rylie's friend Charlotte's 4th birthday party! She had a cute Alice in Wonderland theme. We all had a good time and here's a few pictures I took.

Dressed up cute and heading out!

The kids wanted to play croquet. I even learned how it's supposed to go ;-)

(Cant turn this right side up) Rylie has to "cut" her food herself now. Miss independent.

Going across the monkey bars for the 1st time!

Singing to Charlotte! Such a cute cake her mom Julee made!

A few of the girls playing ring around the rosey before leaving.

Happy 4th birthday Charlotte! We had fun celebrating with you!

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