Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Church and Cranky Baby

We made it to church Sunday for the 1st time all 4 of us! I was so proud of us. Took us 3 months to return to church after Rylie was born. lol

Remy did good during the service and Rylie was on her best behavior too. Remy was conked out when we got home!

I've only taken these pictures this week. Remy has been ONE CRANKY BABY. She's been on Gripe Water and Mylicon and those did great for her tummy bubbles. Then I've been noticing symptoms of acid reflux so I took her to the Dr yesterday and got meds we started today. Her umbilical cord also fell off Monday night but there was a little extra skin growth the Dr had to remove. It was gross looking. So that's on the mend. Now I'm think Remy is also a little colicky. Every night she just cries and cries from 8-11pm. Even though she's on a full tummy and has all her medicines. I'll rock her for 45 minutes and she's still not settled down. Finally she'll conk out. She hasnt been sleeping much between feedings lately. She just fusses for no reason. I've also been having allergies and not feeling my best so lack of sleep on top of that hasnt been great. You might hear less and less of me on the blog for awhile! Hopefully we'll get little tot fixed up soon!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

It can be so hard sometimes when they can't tell you why they are crying! Hang in there:)