Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dressup At Drama Class

The kids got to dress in costume for drama class last Tuesday! Rylie wanted to wear her new Cinderella set she got for her birthday!

I snuck a photo of her doing her skit during class.

Here's video of her reciting her poem they learned in just one day

Jaiden and Rylie after class

Charlotte, Rylie and Jaiden in their cute costumes. It was a fun class!

 I went to the local holiday shopping market that morning and got a special halloween treat for Rylie's dessert. She made a happy plate and got to eat it after dinner!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Rylie's 4 Year Updates

  • Since turning 4, she thinks she's SO BIG! She's so proud to do everything all by herself, even more than before. She does her own shower (with supervision), has started brushing her own teeth in the morning (we still do the night brushes), and wants to go potty by herself in the stall in public restrooms lol (I stand right outside the door tho!) And wants to open and close the car doors herself.
  • You'd seriously think she's been waiting since birth to turn 4 & tells everyone she's not 3 anymore.
  • She is such a performer and sings for us all the time. Mostly songs from her school's Chapel time or songs from my kid cd in the car.
  • She is so smart. If I tell her we cant do something or get something, she'll say "I guess we need a mouskatool." And then creates on her own this whole scenario. Like she needed bandaids from downstairs bathroom when she was up in her room and listed off 3 mousekatools and said "we could use the rope to climb down and get the bandaids."

  • She is still the funniest kid I've ever met! She constantly has people laughing at the things she comes up with.
  • She's getting so good at spelling words, we have to be careful and can't just spell things to keep her from knowing what we're talking about anymore.
  • She loves her school and her teachers say she's always so good. Once did she tell me after school her listening ears werent working for awhile but then they worked again. lol
  • Her favorite activities are coloring, puzzles, watching her shows, playing outside, dressing up, acting out scenes from movies/tv shows, reading books, singing and dancing.
  • She never stops talking. Ever.
  • She's still a picky eater. Green beans are the only hot veggie she'll eat besides mashed potatoes and she wont go near anything resembling spaghetti (ravioli, lasagna, hamburger helper meals, etc).
  • Our current conflicts are fighting naps, learning patience, purposely acting out to get attention (minor things like coloring a small mark on her pants and then eagerly showing us), and arguing back.
  • She's the best little helper. She sets the table before dinner and helps carry in groceries and is great at helping clean up.
  • She knows her phone number, street directions to Mimi's house and our house.
  • She's just the proudest big sister to Remy! She's always checking on her and gets excited and says "her eyes are open! she's looking at me! she's smiling!"

We just love this age and couldn't be more proud of her!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We were given very sad news today. David's Granny was in a bad car accident and sadly passed away. It's a complete shock to our family and we're so heartbroken. David had just spoken to her days ago and finalized plans for her to visit us again this Thanksgiving. I just mailed her Remy's birth announcement yesterday and I doubt she ever saw it.

This may sound stupid, but I keep thinking about last Thanksgiving, when she visited (photo above). I had planned on making a family Turkey where we each wrote what we're thankful for on a feather similar to this...
We had a lot of family visiting last year. I thought it would've made a beautiful, full-feathered turkey. But I never got around to it. I thought for sure we'd make one this year and was so glad Granny confirmed days ago she'd visit again. But today was an awful reminder how short life can be. I'll never know what she was thankful for last Thanksgiving.

I'm so glad she came to visit this past Summer (photo above). She already is greatly missed.
This is just the worst reminder to not take life for granted.
In the words of Granny, "If it makes you happy, do it. Dont wait on anyone's approval. Don't wait on tomorrow."

Playground with Owen

Last Friday we made a quick stop after lunch for some playground-energy-burn-off with Owen!

The weather's finally been cool for the past week but the mosquitos were awful so we didnt stay long.

This was "Repunzel's tower" hehe

These 2 are such sweet play buddies. And Rylie and Ethan love each other too. So we're really bummed that our sweet friends are leaving us soon. Thankfully it's not too far away-they're moving next month to the Ft Worth area! So we'll for sure be visiting next time we're up to see Erin and Eric! Still going to be missing them all a LOT!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rylie's Birthday Celebrations

Last Thursday Rylie had some birthday fun at school! I tagged along in Chapel to see them sing to her. It was seriously the cutest thing watching them sing & dance & hear bible story & pray.

So glad I got to share this moment with her.

Cute buddies Rylie and Logan in Chapel.

Rylie was also excited to be the line leader this day. It was cute seeing her in her little world at school I usually never get to see.

Saturday was Rylie's birthday party! She wanted a "Madeline" theme party & asked for a "Madeline hat cake." so that's what we did for her!

We went back & forth all Summer between the bounce-house place 30 min away or the dance studio 10 min away. Rylie really wanted the bounce house place which meant I didnt have to coordinate anything, but it was hectic forgetting something at home and being rushed.

Rylie had a great time though & was the happiest little girl so that's all that mattered!

"Madeline" and all her party friends!

Our happy 4 year old after her party!

It was definitely different this year planning her birthday with a newborn at home. I struggled a lot lately with feeling like I wasnt giving 100% this year like I would have had I not just had a baby. Rylie hasn't complained though so I know it's just me. I'm just still getting used to dividing myself equally between 2 kids. Rylie hasnt stepped down from #1. They're both my #1 and I never want Rylie to have less than 100% just because she has a little sister now. They both deserve 100% and it's a lot of work. Especially birthday parties!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rylie's 4th Birthday!

Our little Rylie roo turned 4 last Wednesday! We've been crazy busy with all her birthday festivities since. It started with a big, fun-filled day on Wed!

Remy, David, and I woke Rylie up singing "happy birthday" She was so excited!

Brushing her teeth all by herself...because ya know, she's 4 now. Totally big girl.

Ready to start her day!

Her favorite breakfast at her & Daddy's favorite place-Denny's!

Pumpkin patch with a few girlfriends

Quick photo with sister too. Lunch followed with her girlfriends (my 1st alone with both kiddos so I was too busy to take photos)

Then I took Rylie to paint at Mudpie! She got to pick her item (a tiny puppy) and her colors and paint it all on her own!

Then we went next door to a new cupcake place. She picked the pink sprinkle birthday surprise flavor and I grabbed a few more to take home.

After nap (or at least an attempt at one!) she had dance class! She dressed herself....because ya know, she's 4 now.

Back home and a few birthday photos by mommy

Then presents! Lion King dvd from Remy. She's been waiting for this for months! Good job Remy!

Princess microphone and Repunzel tower from Mommy & Daddy! She's been having a blast with them both all week! Not sure which she loves more.

Then bath, dinner, singing and cupcake!

Phew! It was quite an exhausting day but totally worth it to make it special for our sweet girl! Remy was a trooper too the whole time hopping from place to place. I can't believe our girl's already 4 years old!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival

I took the girls to the pumpkin patch on opening day Friday!

I ordered the girls cute matching Halloween shirts but they werent ready yet. So we did a practice run.

I never knew a pumpkin (or person) could be this tiny! We had to bring home 2 tiny pumpkins for the girls!

Today our neighborhood had a Fall Festival that we FINALLY made it to! Rylie's birthday party is always this weekend so we've never made it before. Her friend Owen was there too along with their favorite cow!

Train ride first!

Pony rides!

Remy chilled the whole time and missed all the fun.

Cute one of the kids before we left.

I still dont feel like it's really Autumn with it being so hot! Looking forward to cooler weather ahead!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Holiday Shirts

 If you couldn't already tell by reading my blog, I love doing crafts in general.

But holiday clothes for my little girl(s) is probably the most fun for me! This was her turkey shirt I made in 2009.

And her pumpkin dress I made in 2010.

And this year's creation! I've seen these all over Etsy so I had to recreate this design! So easy and fun!

I just had to make this shirt from Etsy too! I already had the materials and it was the easiest thing.

I'm so excited holiday season is coming right up. Looking forward to more holiday crafts ahead!