Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remy's First Days

Once Remy came in from the nursery to join me in postpartum, we got her dressed all cute for visitors!

Rylie was the first to meet her baby sister. We had a photographer take photos of that and our first photos as a family of 4 so I'll post those after we get our disc in. We knew it would be chaotic and might not have a chance to take pictures so this way we didnt have to worry about it.

Then Mimi and Gaga came in to meet her. They've been taking care of Rylie for us this week. Grandaddy and Deedee stopped by later too.

It was a pretty smooth first day for us

Having some girl talk with Mommy and showing us her pretty eyes!

Then on Saturday Remy met her uncle Daniel

Remy had hospital photos taken and big sister Rylie came by again. She immediately wanted to help and give Remy her paci.

So far she is so sweet with Remy and did really good holding her and just taking it all in.

She already loves her and is excited about her new role as big sister!

We came home from the hospital today and I'll try to post photos tomorrow.

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Love that last pic of big sis and little sis! You look great:)!