Saturday, September 17, 2011

Remy-One Week Old

Remy turned 1 week old yesterday!

These are some current stats on our little one:
  • Had a few sponge baths and cried during them.
  • Likes to be warm, held and swaddled tight.
  • Deep-sleeper, hard to keep awake to finish feedings.
  • Smells just like Rylie did as a newborn. I forgot what that smell was and love having it back in our house =)
  • Wouldnt take a paci at first in the hospital but now LOVES the green soother they gave her there. Only paci she'll take.
  • Eats 2-3 oz every 3 hours.
  • Pretty gassy baby =( We do gas drops after every feeding.
  • Slight spitup has started, just like Rylie had. She has to be propped up or else it's worse when she's flat on back.
  • Not awake that much to do anything else! She enjoys just lounging on her boppy pillow, or cradle seat we're borrowing, and liked her swing both times she's been in so far.
She also had a followup Dr visit Friday. She's currently 7lb 6oz. She was 6lb 12oz when we came home from the hospital, so she's doing great on growth. Her jaundice is gone and Dr said she looked perfect! We go back next Friday for her 2 week well-check.

We just love having our girl here! Happy 1 week birthday Remy!


    ~Shelly~ said...

    Haha its just crazy to see pics of a new baby on ur page! LOL glad she is doing well! She looks cute in her giraffe :)

    EMonaghan said...

    So glad the adjustment is going well. She is a doll! Before it gets to close, have you gotten stickers for her yet? Do you want them? I'll get them for her, just didn't know if you'd want to pick them out yourself.