Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remy is Here!

Remy Peyton finally arrived Friday, September 9, 2011 at 7:29am! She was 7lb 4 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. We previous stated she was 18 in long, the measurement they took right after birth, but after going to nursery and getting a better measurement, she's actually 19 1/2 in. Not quite the shrimp we thought =) But she's soooo much tinier than anyone imagined!

So a quick story of her birth. They started the medicines at 7pm Thur to get me thinning and move her down my stomach. They repeated the meds at 11pm and 3am while I slept between them. At 4am I was having horrible contractions on top of each other. I asked for some pain medicines thinking we had awhile before epidural. They were going to start pitocin at 7am, but never needed to. The nurse checked me and I'd moved to a 4 so she said I could get the epidural now. I tried toughing it out, but oh my the meds had those contractions coming so fast and hard! So 5:30am I had epidural and was getting ease from pain. At 6:48am I was slightly feeling contractions and told the nurse I was going to increase meds on the machine. It was shift change so my new nurse came and wanted to check me first. I was at an 8 and my water broke right then! I said "David, call Amanda!" We'd arranged to have a photographer come take photos so we wouldnt have to worry about it. The nurse said, "Honey, she's not going to make it in time. You're having a baby now." The Dr just got on shift and came in and said I was ready to push, but they weren't ready yet. I could feel pressure and was ready to get her out. Nurses scrambled to get things setup and David got the camera ready. Just 29 minutes later she was out! It was so smooth and easy! What a difference an epidural makes! Loved this delivery 100% more!

Here she is right after delivery and cleaned off! Looks exactly like Rylie did at birth!

David holding her for the 1st time after getting cleaned off

As soon as she came out I was ready to get up and hold her and get cleaned up. I was just so excited she was here! She's very strong and holding her head up pretty well. The nurses had trouble swaddling her and joked she'll be rolling over at 2 weeks.

The nursery took her for 4 hours while I moved to postpartum right away, showered and got myself together and spread the news she was here! David went with her and took photos of her first bath and getting all checked out.

We're just so excited for our new arrival and couldn't be anymore in love!
Rylie met her Friday afternoon and is just so in love too. She's so excited and did really great with her! I'll post more photos of Remy's 1st day later. Not much free time right now =)


EMonaghan said...

Yay! Fun birth story huh! So thankful that God blessed your family with another healthy, beautiful little girl! Hugs & kisses!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Congrats! So glad delivery went well. We can swap birthday party ideas from now on:) Charlie is 9/4 and Savi is 9/11! Remy is so cute!