Thursday, September 8, 2011

Induction: Take 4

Yall....I'm so frustrated at this point. Remy is really not wanting to come out. So here's how today's been....after the call this morning we were put on hold, I called at 11am starving wanting to know if I'm going in or if I could eat. They said eat and it would be awhile, IF we got in today. Then 2 hours later they said, come on in! Finally! She was going to be born today!

So we hurried up here and got to our room.

They were still busy today so an hour later I finally saw a nurse-about 2:30pm. She put in the IV which was a horror. I've never had problems with IV but she did it so wrong and it hurt like no other. I about passed out between the pain and the heat in this room. Ice chips to the rescue! We got paperwork filled out, blood drawn, etc. Then I met the on-call Dr. I like him a lot. He was literally about to break my water and start pitocin when he went to check me. Then found something off. He gave me a strange look, said "dont panic" and went to get an ultrasound machine. Apparently I'm not dilated at all right now! I was at 2 cm last Friday at my exam and again on Sunday when we came up here. How the hell do you un-dilate?! And the Dr couldnt feel Remy at all. We thought she'd flipped again. Ultrasound showed she's head down but this little booger has moved her way FAR up to the top of my stomach.

SO, pitocin will do nothing for us to get labor going. Basically we gave Remy an eviction and she said no way in hell, barracaded herself up top and locked the door. We have to try another route of induction. First the Dr told me to eat since I hadnt really all day.

David brought me some yummy Olive Garden! My last meal for 24 hours probably so I had to make it good.

Then we have to wait a few hours after I've digested to start a different kind of medicine used to bring Remy down and thin me out. We're starting this at 7pm and doing this throughout the night. THEN at 7am we'll begin pitocin and break my water. Seriously 1 step forward, 2 steps back this entire process. I feel like every time I get excited about good news and report it, we then get held back on something. I dont know why this is so complicated and how she could be this stubborn. Seriously frustrates me to no end.

So that's the latest right now. Please keep us in your prayers that things will FINALLY move along and she can arrive soon and healthy! I will try to post updates tomorrow as anything happens.


Danielle Taylor said...

Oh I'm so frustrated for you and I'm not the one having a baby! Praying for the meds to take quickly and you have a fast and healthy labor and delivery!

Kelly said...

Hi Ashlee,
I just saw you comment on my blog and wanted to come over and say hi! What an exciting day for you! Praying for a smooth labor for you and your baby girl! It sounds like Remy is nice and cozy and in no hurry to maker her debut. I'm not sure if you can, but walking sure did get things moving for me! Best of luck and I can't wait to see the photos of her once she arrives!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I know it was a rough road...I'm sure she is beautiful, congrats!