Thursday, September 8, 2011

Induction: Take 3 a call at 4:40 this morning...20 minutes before leaving for the hospital. We're put on hold. Again. Apparently lots of pregnant women went in at 1am in labor and filled up the hospital. Darn women going into labor naturally. lol I'm totally kidding. They're trying to get us in today still. I just wish Remy would come on her own! I spent yesterday walking around, eating spicy foods (which I know isnt proven to do anything), got a pedicure and still nothing. I'm trying not to be frustrated, but I mostly am because I miss my Rylie. She's already been at Mimi's for 2 days now and is expecting to see us and meet her baby sister any second. I hate to keep her waiting and seeing this stress her out. I know we're still 3 days from our due date and some women have to go over theirs before they're allowed induction so I'm thankful I'm getting this opportunity. I just hope we get to have her soon and not get our hopes up and let down again. I know she has to come out and wont stay in forever.

 I'm trying to save my texts for after she's born to let everyone know. Just going to stay low-key today waiting by the phone. Please keep us in your prayers today!

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