Thursday, September 15, 2011

Getting Acquainted

Here's a bunch of photos from our first week home!

Monday us 3 girls just hung out while David worked from home. We just sat in the living room and played and watched tv then all 4 took Remy to a Dr appt to check her weight and jaundice level.

We signed up for Chick Fil-A's Cow Cares program and they delivered for FREE dinner for all 3 of us. Apparently they think we eat like elephants because this was their "dinner for 3" they brought us!

Rylie just loves to look at her baby sister!

David took her to school Tuesday where she was proud to tell everyone the big news! They let her get in front of everyone at Chapel and talk about Remy then all the kids sang Happy Birthday.

Rylie's teacher sent me this photo of her & Logan. Apparently they're best buds and always together. Rylie came home and told me she got her name clip moved to yellow. I asked her what that meant and she shook her head and said "Nooooot good. But I got it back to green. Green is good. Yellow is noooot good." I never could get her to tell me what she did, but it was a cute story.

Remy and I hung out while sister went to school. Then I took Rylie to drama class while David stayed home with Remy. It was nice getting out with Rylie again-just us. I was starting to miss her.

Tuesday night we let Rylie help us with Remy's 1st sponge bath. She was insistent on having the rubber ducky in with Remy.

Then she was so sweet to help dry her hair after bath.

And insisted on brushing it too! She wanted to put Remy in her bed all by herself, but of course we couldnt let her do that. We let her lay in her crib for the 1st time for a little while to please Rylie. =)

Wednesday wasnt the best day. It was my 1st day alone with both girls. Remy had a Dr appt but I rescheduled for Fri because I wanted to work on the nursing thing a bit more before going back. Let's just say on Wednesday I was going on no sleep, had to change both sheets on Rylie's bed and my bed (for 2 different reasons), clean up spilled pumped breastmilk from my rocking chair, and a spilled drink in the living room. Nuts! We had to miss dance class which I was sad about, but Rylie didnt notice so it was fine. Thankfully our friend Julee brought us a yummy dinner so we didnt have to worry about that.

Today was "wear blue" day at Rylie's school. We were off to a much better start after doing great feedings all night with Remy and sleeping great between them.

After dropping Rylie off, Remy and I took a walk outside. It was nice weather-for about 10 min then it got hot! We had a pretty chill day at home just us 2. I tried taking photos for her birth announcement but it was unsuccessful. Rylie had a great day in school so I treated her to Sonic Happy Hour lemonade! Sorry for the long recap. I wanna savor these first days as a family of 4! I cant believe tomorrow Remy's 1 week old!

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Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

I need to know about this Chic Fil La progam! lol Love the pic of Rylie brushing her hair!