Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Get Ready, Get Set, Have a Baby!


Well, Remy has been given a notice of eviction to vacate the premises!

It's 11:35pm Tuesday night and as of right now we're going to be induced at 5:30am Wednesday! People get called at the last-minute to get bumped though, so I'm still crossing fingers we dont get a call at 4am postponing it. We actually spent a few hours in labor and delivery Sunday evening. I had some bleeding all Sunday afternoon and no contractions, but my Dr sent me in anyways. When I got to L&D I was having contractions but never dilated further so they sent me home.

But today should be our last day as a family of 3! Rylie's already at Mimi's house. I had a nice quiet day to myself while she was in school, then we had drama class this afternoon and went out to dinner at Rylie's choice.

I'm a little nervous about delivery and how everything will affect Rylie, but mostly just anxious!

I got emotional tonight of course. Rylie left my house as my only child, my baby girl. And tomorrow when I see her, she'll be my big girl....big sister Rylie. My last night to kiss her goodnight as my only Princess. Amazing how your life can change in just one day! Pretty nerve-wrecking too when you know it's going to happen!

Wish us luck tomorrow! Twitter hasnt been working lately so I posted a Facebook icon to the top right of the blog. You'll see status updates on there after Remy's born!
**Well, got the call at 3:59am we've been bumped. Labor & delivery is full so we're not sure if I'll get in today. I knew this would happen which is why we didnt say anything about induction sooner. I guess I did end up jinxing us! lol

***Just got called from hospital at 11am and they've rescheduled our induction for tomorrow (Thursday) at 5:30am. Hopefully this one will stick. The nurse said there's a lot of inductions scheduled but there's a note on my chart I've already been bumped so hopefully they'll keep me at the top of the list. Fingers crossed tomorrow's the day!


Amber said...

Hope everything goes smoothly if they get you in today!

~Shelly~ said...

Tell David to text me when she is here!! Text me a pic! I hope it goes smooth- Im scared, happy, anxious and excited for you!!! I know Rylie will do JUST FINE & love on her new lil sis. She's gunna love every min of it! GOOD LUCK my dear!

Grandma said...

We're praying everything goes well. Send Sarah a pic/text when the "little princess" arrives!!!!