Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bringing Remy Home

We brought our sweet girl home Sunday!

Since it was 9/11 they put American flags on all the bassinets =)

All dressed in coming home outfit (that's way huge on her lol)

We had lots of time to kill waiting to be discharged from the nurses

So we took lots of photos!

I have this same photo of David and Rylie before we left the hospital with her =)

Proud Daddy!

Finally it was time to go! She wasnt happy to be put in her carseat at first.

Then we got outside and she was like "WHAT the heck is going on?!" It was so cute! Then she fell asleep.

Rylie came back home Sunday afternoon after we got ourselves and Remy unpacked and all set up. She was so good at Mimi's this week she got to pick out something in the Disney store. She's been wanting a purple Repunzel dress for so long and is just in heaven to have gotten it! We gave Rylie attention for awhile and let her tell us about her week and show off singing and dancing. She was very happy to be home and see us and Remy again!

After her bath we let Rylie help feed Remy. Rylie was ecstatic to help!

It's been a little stressful since getting home. Remy's just having a hard time nursing. We think it's an allergy to something in my milk. She'll nurse on one side, burp, then scream in pain and refuse to take the other side. Yet she'll still root around and want more. I've tried pumping and she refuses the bottle too. As soon as we try formula on her, she scarfs it down and is much happier and will sleep. Otherwise it takes me fighting her for an hour and a half to nurse, then she's screaming in pain for an hour after. By the time she's calmed down, she's needing to eat an hour later so nobody's been sleeping well. We took her to the Dr Monday and tried a few things today. Going back on Friday for a followup.


Rosie said...

Ashlee! I didn't expect you to be able to blog yet, so I'm just now checking it. Remy is amazing! I can't believe how much she looks like Rylie!! And it sounds like labor went pretty well, and you looked great! I'm just so excited for ya'll and to see that adorable new addition of yours! I hope you get some sleep and figure out what to do about her nursing.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Rylie is just going to be the best big sis! Glad ya'll are home and safe!