Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back to Routine

I dont have much to blog about this week. We're pretty much back into our regular routine. Rylie's been in school, drama, and dance and I feel like I've got the hang of toting 2 kiddos. We just dont get out much right now.

Rylie had pictures at school today and looked so cute heading out!

The other night I did both girls' baths by myself for the 1st time. Remy rested in her crib while I finished Rylie. She looked so cute sleeping in the same position Rylie always did!

I've started getting stir-crazy not running errands during the week. It's just too soon to get Remy out a lot and around people. She's only gone to Rylie's dance with me once and I kept her covered. Not wanting to have a sick newborn on my hands with all the crud going around. We just chill at home when we're not taking sister to her things. That's all we've been up to!

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~Shelly~ said...

Aw wow thats so cool she sleeps the same way! Hehe! Now lets hope mine doesnt come out with a hickey on its hand like its sister did!!