Sunday, September 4, 2011

39 Weeks

No baby yet! =) I gotta say it's kinda fun to call someone and they answer with "are you in labor?!" I was tempted to call my mom 5 times in a row when I knew she was working...just to tease her. hehe!

Well my appointment on Friday went well. Dr said I'm dilated 2 cm now and so she could come any day! We took this photo Friday since I actually looked put together for my 1st MOPS meeting and Dr appt.

This past week we installed Remy's carseat and Rylie loves it so far! I also washed all our bottles, set up the AngelCare monitor, started Remy's baby book, double and triple-checked our hospital bags, and got Rylie the BEST big sister gift to receive after Remy's born. I feel like we're ready as in we have everything prepared, but I dont know if you can fully be "ready" to have a baby!

David and I figured this would be our last weekend before Remy arrives so we saw "Crazy Stupid Love" in the theater. It was hilarious! We loved it! We skipped dinner and went all out on concession foods and yes, I made the cashier take our photo =) I told him we wont be getting back out for awhile!

I've had some serious anxiety since Friday so I've been a little MIA online. I cant believe Remy is coming any day now and I just have no clue what to expect. I worry mostly for Rylie and how this will change her. She's been our #1 for almost 4 years and I just dont know how in the world we could possibly love someone else as much as her. I know it just happens when the 2nd is born, but it's hard to think about beforehand. I also worry a little about how delivery will go, of course. It's more anxiety this time since I know what to expect. I just hope everything is calm and smooth and not so overwhelming after she arrives. I remember it was crazy after Rylie was born with so many family members at the hospital and cameras going off and I felt like I wasnt even put together yet or even had a chance to let it sink it that she was here. So I'm hoping for a more calmer delivery this time.

Just to let you know, I probably wont post a blog for awhile after she's born, but I will post on the Twitter box on the top right when she arrives. Wish us luck!! I cant believe this pregnancy's already at the end!

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