Friday, September 30, 2011

Remy's 3 Weeks Old!

Just some updates on Remy today since she's 3 weeks old!

She wore her baby jeggings for the first time today =) They didnt have newborn size so I got 3 month and they're a little big. But we still had to break them out. So adorable!

So at 3 weeks old Remy is:
  •  Still on 3 oz Enfamil Newborn formula every 3 hours except at night. Her feeding schedule is about like this: 6:30am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, 10pm, 2am. Times aren't exact, but pretty close to those times.
  • Starting to have more spitup this week and fussiness. We've started doing gas drops and Gripe Water with each feeding. Too soon to see if there's progress. We'll see how the weekend goes.
  • Staying awake longer between feedings, but still no interest in "playing" in her bouncer or floor gym. She just lays around checking things out, then fusses to be held or she sleeps in the cradle seat or swing.
  • Still in newborn clothes and diapers of course.
  • Still has her umbilical cord. When she was born Dr's said the new thing is to not use alcohol swabs and it'll fall off faster. Well, we used them with Rylie and hers fell off at 2 weeks, so now we're using them on Remy! If it's not off by next Friday we'll have to see the Dr.
  • Still hates her baths and having diaper changed. She just doesnt like to be cold.
  • Holding her head up really well when on belly (under close supervision) and when I hold her upright.
  • Loving being carried in my sling baby carrier.
  • Doing well in carseat riding in the car. She falls hard asleep =)
  • Loving her Mommy, Daddy, and big sister!
Morning cartoons with sister today! This picture melts my heart SO much!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Before Dance Class Cuteness

We were waiting for dance class to start yesterday and Rylie and Cady were being so cute I snuck a few pictures.

Love this one of these cuties!

Then Cady asked about Rylie's nail polish and they started talking about it.

Then they were jumping up and down excited to start class! I loved how Courtney (Cady's mom) was being a real parent and telling Cady to stop jumping while I just took photos. lol I did tell Rylie to sit down after I took this photo. They were just too cute to not capture with pictures =)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall School Picture

(For the record, I had her shirt tucked in all cute when she headed out that morning. You never know how they'll end up at picture time though! Notice the green marker dot on her shirt.)

Friday, September 23, 2011

2 Week Checkup

Remy turned 2 weeks old today! It was our 1st real outting today all by myself with both girls going to Remy's 2 week checkup. Piece of cake =)

I have a feeling I'll have trouble a lot getting them both to smile for a picture! I just thought it'd be trouble with little one, not the almost 4 year old!

At 2 weeks, Remy:
-is 7lb 10oz (28%) and 20 1/4 in (48%)-----(Rylie was 9lb and 21 3/4 in at 2 wks)
-is on steady feeding schedule of 3oz every 3 hours (Enfamil newborn formula).
-sleeps at night 5 hours between feedings.
-wears newborn clothes and diaper
-is loving her boppy pillow to lounge on, the cradle seat, and swing.
-shed 1st tear last Sat =(
-is a drama queen! Wants to be warm and held =)

She also loves her big sister and it's pretty mutual =)

*I also forgot to mention, they had to give Remy another shot/check blood and when she cried, Rylie started crying for her. So sweet. She loves her baby sister & doesnt want to see her hurt.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back to Routine

I dont have much to blog about this week. We're pretty much back into our regular routine. Rylie's been in school, drama, and dance and I feel like I've got the hang of toting 2 kiddos. We just dont get out much right now.

Rylie had pictures at school today and looked so cute heading out!

The other night I did both girls' baths by myself for the 1st time. Remy rested in her crib while I finished Rylie. She looked so cute sleeping in the same position Rylie always did!

I've started getting stir-crazy not running errands during the week. It's just too soon to get Remy out a lot and around people. She's only gone to Rylie's dance with me once and I kept her covered. Not wanting to have a sick newborn on my hands with all the crud going around. We just chill at home when we're not taking sister to her things. That's all we've been up to!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Remy Birth Photographer Sneak Peek

These photos alone were worth hiring a photographer for Remy's birth!

 The 1st is Rylie seeing Remy for the 1st time and this is Rylie checking her out before holding her for the 1st time.

Thank you Amanda with Day-Z Photography! Can't wait to see the rest!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mommy & Rylie Day

Yesterday Rylie and I spent a day together out while David stayed home with Remy. We got donuts for breakfast then went to church with our neighbors! Rylie did great til she started talking during the sermon. I told her we have to be quiet & listen to the man talk up front. She said "but that's not God up there!" Guess she thought he wasnt important then since he wasnt God!

We went to lunch at Sharky's after church and had fun coloring.
It was so good getting out with my big girl again! I'd sure missed her lately. When I'm home with her, I've also got Remy to tend to. The other days Rylie's in school. I'm definitely making it a priority to still spend one-on-one time with her.
I'm real excited today because this baby holder sling arrived! I got it free & barely ordered it Friday. Excuse my no-makeup look. We aint goin anywhere today! But we had to try out the sling. Remy's in a fussy phase where she wants to be held a lot. Baby girl fell asleep right away and I had hands free to put away dishes! Score!

Also excited my Mommy necklace arrived today! I've wanted one of these for years but I wanted to wait until we had another baby to get matching name charms. This photo's blurry. But I got each girl's birthstone put with their name. Love it! Thanks Courtney for sending me the info to get this!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Remy-One Week Old

Remy turned 1 week old yesterday!

These are some current stats on our little one:
  • Had a few sponge baths and cried during them.
  • Likes to be warm, held and swaddled tight.
  • Deep-sleeper, hard to keep awake to finish feedings.
  • Smells just like Rylie did as a newborn. I forgot what that smell was and love having it back in our house =)
  • Wouldnt take a paci at first in the hospital but now LOVES the green soother they gave her there. Only paci she'll take.
  • Eats 2-3 oz every 3 hours.
  • Pretty gassy baby =( We do gas drops after every feeding.
  • Slight spitup has started, just like Rylie had. She has to be propped up or else it's worse when she's flat on back.
  • Not awake that much to do anything else! She enjoys just lounging on her boppy pillow, or cradle seat we're borrowing, and liked her swing both times she's been in so far.
She also had a followup Dr visit Friday. She's currently 7lb 6oz. She was 6lb 12oz when we came home from the hospital, so she's doing great on growth. Her jaundice is gone and Dr said she looked perfect! We go back next Friday for her 2 week well-check.

We just love having our girl here! Happy 1 week birthday Remy!

    Thursday, September 15, 2011

    Getting Acquainted

    Here's a bunch of photos from our first week home!

    Monday us 3 girls just hung out while David worked from home. We just sat in the living room and played and watched tv then all 4 took Remy to a Dr appt to check her weight and jaundice level.

    We signed up for Chick Fil-A's Cow Cares program and they delivered for FREE dinner for all 3 of us. Apparently they think we eat like elephants because this was their "dinner for 3" they brought us!

    Rylie just loves to look at her baby sister!

    David took her to school Tuesday where she was proud to tell everyone the big news! They let her get in front of everyone at Chapel and talk about Remy then all the kids sang Happy Birthday.

    Rylie's teacher sent me this photo of her & Logan. Apparently they're best buds and always together. Rylie came home and told me she got her name clip moved to yellow. I asked her what that meant and she shook her head and said "Nooooot good. But I got it back to green. Green is good. Yellow is noooot good." I never could get her to tell me what she did, but it was a cute story.

    Remy and I hung out while sister went to school. Then I took Rylie to drama class while David stayed home with Remy. It was nice getting out with Rylie again-just us. I was starting to miss her.

    Tuesday night we let Rylie help us with Remy's 1st sponge bath. She was insistent on having the rubber ducky in with Remy.

    Then she was so sweet to help dry her hair after bath.

    And insisted on brushing it too! She wanted to put Remy in her bed all by herself, but of course we couldnt let her do that. We let her lay in her crib for the 1st time for a little while to please Rylie. =)

    Wednesday wasnt the best day. It was my 1st day alone with both girls. Remy had a Dr appt but I rescheduled for Fri because I wanted to work on the nursing thing a bit more before going back. Let's just say on Wednesday I was going on no sleep, had to change both sheets on Rylie's bed and my bed (for 2 different reasons), clean up spilled pumped breastmilk from my rocking chair, and a spilled drink in the living room. Nuts! We had to miss dance class which I was sad about, but Rylie didnt notice so it was fine. Thankfully our friend Julee brought us a yummy dinner so we didnt have to worry about that.

    Today was "wear blue" day at Rylie's school. We were off to a much better start after doing great feedings all night with Remy and sleeping great between them.

    After dropping Rylie off, Remy and I took a walk outside. It was nice weather-for about 10 min then it got hot! We had a pretty chill day at home just us 2. I tried taking photos for her birth announcement but it was unsuccessful. Rylie had a great day in school so I treated her to Sonic Happy Hour lemonade! Sorry for the long recap. I wanna savor these first days as a family of 4! I cant believe tomorrow Remy's 1 week old!

    Tuesday, September 13, 2011

    Bringing Remy Home

    We brought our sweet girl home Sunday!

    Since it was 9/11 they put American flags on all the bassinets =)

    All dressed in coming home outfit (that's way huge on her lol)

    We had lots of time to kill waiting to be discharged from the nurses

    So we took lots of photos!

    I have this same photo of David and Rylie before we left the hospital with her =)

    Proud Daddy!

    Finally it was time to go! She wasnt happy to be put in her carseat at first.

    Then we got outside and she was like "WHAT the heck is going on?!" It was so cute! Then she fell asleep.

    Rylie came back home Sunday afternoon after we got ourselves and Remy unpacked and all set up. She was so good at Mimi's this week she got to pick out something in the Disney store. She's been wanting a purple Repunzel dress for so long and is just in heaven to have gotten it! We gave Rylie attention for awhile and let her tell us about her week and show off singing and dancing. She was very happy to be home and see us and Remy again!

    After her bath we let Rylie help feed Remy. Rylie was ecstatic to help!

    It's been a little stressful since getting home. Remy's just having a hard time nursing. We think it's an allergy to something in my milk. She'll nurse on one side, burp, then scream in pain and refuse to take the other side. Yet she'll still root around and want more. I've tried pumping and she refuses the bottle too. As soon as we try formula on her, she scarfs it down and is much happier and will sleep. Otherwise it takes me fighting her for an hour and a half to nurse, then she's screaming in pain for an hour after. By the time she's calmed down, she's needing to eat an hour later so nobody's been sleeping well. We took her to the Dr Monday and tried a few things today. Going back on Friday for a followup.

    Sunday, September 11, 2011

    Remy's First Days

    Once Remy came in from the nursery to join me in postpartum, we got her dressed all cute for visitors!

    Rylie was the first to meet her baby sister. We had a photographer take photos of that and our first photos as a family of 4 so I'll post those after we get our disc in. We knew it would be chaotic and might not have a chance to take pictures so this way we didnt have to worry about it.

    Then Mimi and Gaga came in to meet her. They've been taking care of Rylie for us this week. Grandaddy and Deedee stopped by later too.

    It was a pretty smooth first day for us

    Having some girl talk with Mommy and showing us her pretty eyes!

    Then on Saturday Remy met her uncle Daniel

    Remy had hospital photos taken and big sister Rylie came by again. She immediately wanted to help and give Remy her paci.

    So far she is so sweet with Remy and did really good holding her and just taking it all in.

    She already loves her and is excited about her new role as big sister!

    We came home from the hospital today and I'll try to post photos tomorrow.