Friday, August 12, 2011

Staying Cool-Library and Indoor Playground

Monday & Tuesday Rylie did another Princess Camp at the dance studio. I didnt take any photos but she had a great time and was cranky both times I had to pick her up. She didnt want to leave!

Wednesday Rylie and I had no plans so we went to Chick Fil A for a small breakfast & play.
Rylie was happy to have the playground to herself! Except, she climbed all the way up and couldn't get back down. Poor thing was just sitting there sobbing "get me down!" So what choice did I have? Climb my 9 month pregnant self up there and get her! So no more playing at this location lol The other one is more younger-child-friendly.

After breakfast we went to the library storytime again! She loves doing this! And our friends Owen and Ethan were in the area and decided to join us!

They sang a LOT of songs today, read 1 story and did a craft. Goofy kids!

Thursday we tried another indoor playground in the area. Rylie was so happy to do one of these again! They're really life-savers in this heat! This time Rylie had no problem climbing to the top and going down the slide!

We played for almost 2 hours and then she was asking for bed on the drive home. Yay!

Can I just add-thank you to the parents out there who bring their children to play somewhere public with other kids and actually watch their kids and discipline them. To those who don't-get off your butt and do some parenting! You're making places like these less fun for others when your kids are being rough with our children and we're tired of disciplining them for you. Or you can just continue to do nothing and we'll look for your episode of "Supernanny." I'm sure Joe can knock some sense into you. That's all =)
(And I know everyone who reads this blog is not one of these parents. I just needed to vent that.)

Keep staying cool this Summer everyone!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

So true on the whole playground discipline thing! I like taking Savi to those types of things, but hate when I feel like she is going to get knocked out by some kid! Way to be super mom and rescue Rylie!!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

It wasnt even Rylie this time! It was her friend, but makes me so mad to see parents like that!

grandma said...

Wish i could have seen you rescue Rylie. All "9 months" of you! Sorry but i bet it was cute. Way to go Supermom!!!!!