Monday, August 1, 2011

Rylie's 3 3/4 Year Update

*I wrote this last week when she was 3 months away from her birthday. Thought I'd include photos later but time got away from me, so I'm just gonna post this boring text so I can just have it on here already!

I've been doing these every 6 months, but Rylie's got a lot going on lately so I wanted to post some things for me to remember before she turns 4. That next update will be after Remy's here & I'm worried I wont remember a lot of the cute things she's doing before she arrives.

*She's such a little actress! She just busts out into scenes from movies/shows. Her favorites are scenes from Tangled and Madeline. She's got a great memory! She's going to do a drama class this Fall where she took dance last year.

*Loves to dance and sing! I think she just loves to perform in general. She's also going to return to dance in a new class this Fall (same location)!

*She's been doing great in her new school this Summer during their camp. She really loves it-already has new friends and loves her teachers. She'll start Tue/Thu at the end of Aug for Fall/Spring.

*Her favorite activities are PUZZLES, coloring, playing with her "little bitty barbies," playing pretend with her dolls (scenes from movies, etc), dressing up, playing with her friends, being outside (playground especially), running, and jumping.

*I havent worked much with her lately on writing letters or spelling more words, so no progression on that, but we've been on Summer break!

*She still sleeps in pullups at night. I've tried different things and she still needs one at night, so we're not worried about it.

*She is very independent about getting up and dressing herself, and brushing her hair (we still brush her teeth of course and actually style her hair). And she's pretty independent at night doing most of her shower herself (with close supervision of course) and getting her pajamas on.

*Still naps 2 hrs or so almost every day.

*She's had no appetite lately. She used to pig out at breakfast and now barely eats a thing. I literally have to make her sit and eat at every meal or else she'd never eat! She'd just prefer to run around and she's bone thin from it. Growing tall though!

*The only time we get a tantrum from her is when something comes to an end (i.e. playtime is over, time for bed, friends leave or we have to go home from somewhere). She has a hard time when fun is over!

*We recently started "stop-thumb-sucking boot camp!" She's doing ehhh....ok with it. Hardest time is at night. Any suggestions? We've just been putting vinegar on her thumb and talking to her a lot about why she needs to stop. I'm hoping by her 4th birthday we're done!

*She's SUPER excited about becoming a big sister soon! She'll just randomly think of something and say "we should buy this or that for Remy" or "Remy needs one of these." So sweet! We cleaned out her closet and shoes that were too small she immediately said "I guess we gotta give them to Remy." I just hope it stays this easy with her after Remy arrives!

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