Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Room for Remy!

FINALLY pictures of Remy's completed nursery!

wall letters I covered with scrapbook paper

Entering her room! I love how it looks!

I really love the matching curtain more than previous green one.

Crib with Remy's lovey I ordered from Etsy. Rylie is going to give it to her when they meet in the hospital.

Dresser/changer. Closet door on left, bathroom entrance on right.

Lights on hutch. The kitty on the top shelf, left is also from Rylie to Remy! We bought it in Maine and it's the same as Rylie's cept a different color and 2 inches bigger (they dont make the small sz anymore)

Picture frames I made. The brooch on the right one was David's Grandmother's. These hang on the left wall when you first enter the room.

Bulletin board I made with leftover fabric from bow holder and Remy's diaper bag (reusing from Rylie). It's already got things for the hospital packed!

Remy is so lucky to have a huge closet! Left and right view. On the left her baby book and monitor are on the window sill. Below them is the sign all the guest at my Houston shower signed. I need to hang it up in there! On the right are 0-3 and 3-6 mos clothes, a few baby toys above, and then our diaper stash at the top! All of Rylie's toys she's outgrown are in the back.

View of the right of the closet-clothes, shoes on shelf, baskets of bows, hats, and socks and my boppy pillow!

And Remy's little sink area in her side of the bathroom she'll share with Rylie. The door in the mirror with the robe goes to the toilet/tub area. We'll probably do Remy's baths on this counter for awhile though since Rylie's been taking showers and I can see Rylie in the tub from standing at this counter. The drawers below the ducky have baby q-tips and some disposable wash cloths ready for the first few weeks!

Can't wait to add our sweet baby to her pretty room!


brandy said...

looks so good!!! can't believe she will be here so soon!!!!

EMonaghan said...

I think that's the same exact furniture Caiden has. Except we didn't get the hutch. Looks good!

Rosie said...

So glad to finally see the completed nursery. It's just perfect :) All it needs now is that precious baby in it!

~Shelly~ said...

Its perfect! You did a great job- NO second guessing anymore!! You will have to make me those frames too if I have a girl :)

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

It looks SO GOOD! I love the colors! And all your do it yourself stuff turned out so good!