Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reese's 4th Birthday Party

Sunday we took Rylie to Katy, Texas for her friend Reese's 4th birthday party!

She had a really cute CARS theme party!

Rylie and the birthday girl! We dont see them often since we live an hour away now but when we do see them, they remember each other & have such fun!

We completely spoiled Rylie at this party and let her have chocolate ice cream AND cake AND a lollipop! (All small portions) Yes, we knew what we were asking for! lol

The kids did a pinata big-kid style with a blindfold on!

I was surprised Rylie did it so well. She's already asking for a "piana" for her birthday now!

Horrid photo of me, but Rylie's so cute here! She had so much fun at the party!

All the kids checking out Reese's new ride-one of her birthday gifts! Rylie was really wanting to ride around in it but they couldn't inside. She was sad when it was time to go, but we had to get her back to school clothes all taken care of now while we could. So we hit up the outlet mall in Katy as well. She's all set for this Fall now and we all went to bed very early when we got home!

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