Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Princess Camp and Ladies Time

Last Monday and Wednesday Rylie did a cute Princess Camp playdate at the studio she does dance. It was so cute!

We just drop them off for fun stuff and come back 3 hours later in time for lunch and nap!

Rylie of course loved the puzzles!

She really loved seeing a few friends there which was a surprise since we hadnt heard from anyone else doing it as well. After camp Wednesday we had lunch with Raegan.

Course these girls were thrilled with the ice cream after!

Thursday night I was so excited to have dinner out with 2 girlfriends-Christine and Sonia. I hadnt seen them each in awhile so we finally made some plans! It was great having a girls dinner out just us three.

Friday Rylie and I met up with Mimi and her friend Janie at Janie's house for lunch and shopping! Rylie was all decked out ready for girls day!

I love that I have photos of the 3 of them from the past 3 Summers now. We love getting together every year and we always say we'll do it more often but it's only been a once a year thing so far. We had lunch at Cheddar's Friday and then hit a few stores near Janie's house. Rylie wasnt so into shopping once we actually got there. She was more into going home with Mimi afterwards so she could play with Gaga that afternoon. hehe!

And that's a catchup from last week in our house!