Friday, August 19, 2011

Lobster Craft, Swimming, Playground

Monday we tried out new fingerpaints and made a cute craft!
Rylie was SO excited! She loved getting to paint!

We made a cute lobster craft I saw on Pinterest awhile back. It had Rylie's name all over it!

Finished product!
This was easier than I thought and no mess so I hope to do more of these soon. I've already found cute Thankgiving and Christmas crafts on Pinterest!

Tuesday we finally tried out another local library storytime! I didnt take photos but it was a very nice library. Storytime didnt seem to keep her as interested as the other one though. But we were glad a few friends joined us and it was something "different."

Wednesday we finally got out to our pool! To say Rylie was excited is an understatement. We've only been maybe 3 times this year and it's been months since our last pool visit! Just been too hot!

We got there early though and luckily had shaded seats and the water was nice and cool.

Perfect morning with friends and swimming!

Today we did another indoor playground visit. Seriously live for these this Summer! I took 1 photo of Rylie and Kate and totally missed Cady. This picture cracks me up because Kate looks twice as tall as Rylie from the way Rylie was sitting.

We've had a lot of fun this week! I feel like my photos get redundant being the same thing lately-library and playground but that's all we've been really getting out to do in this heat!

Next week Rylie starts her new drama class and returns to dance! We're both excited for that!


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

So cute! Ooo drama class...what is that? Sounds fun!

grandma said...

The lobster is so cute and soooo Rylie!